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Tues 9/30


– establish a 1RM snatch within 15 minutes
– establish a 1RM clean & jerk within 15 minutes


max reps in 3 minutes of either the snatch or clean & jerk at 60%

Max Week 9/29 through 10/4


That means the 6:30pm and 7:30pm classes are cancelled at both Foundation CrossFit and CrossFit SLU.

BAFFsep2014Bring a Friend Friday!

BAFF was a blast! I hope you guys have VERSUS IV on your calendars: Saturday 11/15

Registration is open now and you can only participate if you register! In the past it was “come and play”, but with the sheer number of athletes we’d receive, it’s time we set up some official roster of athletes.

Here’s the first event:


for max total points:
– shoulder-to-overhead, no rack (kilos)
– hang clean 1RM (kilos)
– deadlift 1RM (kilos)

Athletes will have 15 minutes per effort.


This past weekend was the Battle of Admiral at all four of our teams placed Top 10 out of 25! (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 10th)

BOA2014Ann-Marie, Megan, Hannah, Jenny, Brian, AB, Bobby, and Isaac

Big thanks to everyone who was out to compete and support! Especially Amy, Ann Marie, Anastasia, Bobby, Brian, Colin, Hannah, Isaac, Jenny, Liz, Mark, Sarah, and all the friends we got to hang out and throw down with!

Photo Aug 23, 10 54 33 AMAB, Coach Nate, and Sheena

Upcoming Events:

Saturday 10/4 – Helming Athletics Running Seminar @ The Lab (Eastlake CrossFit)

Come hang out with Coach Nate Helming of Helming Athletics and San Francisco CrossFit.

Strength and Conditioning for Runners. Spend a half-day (4 hours) with Coach Nate Helming at The LAB in Seattle, Washington learning how to apply strength & basic movement concepts to run fast, efficient, and without injury. The course is appropriate for athletes, coaches, and trainers of all levels looking to learn how to integrate functional movement, skill development, and its application to better running. No previous experience in the weight room is necessary. However, attendees should have experience in and desire to take their running to another level. Everyone should expect to move a lot and to try some new things. Attendees should be prepared for an initial lecture covering the framework and philosophy followed by practical sessions with short discussions in between. Topics will include: what it means to be strong as a runner; the concept of mechanical efficiency and locomotion; and programming guidelines. In the practical sessions, attendees will learn functional movement and progressions for squats, single leg pistol squats, pushups, and jump rope, and how, through skill development and transfer, these movements connect to and improve our running mechanics. Interspersed throughout, attendees will learn running-related drills that drive home just exactly why all endurance athletes should strength train, and exactly how a program can bridge your current abilities with your future goals.

$80 for this amazing seminar.


The Battle on Admiral 2014: Events

BOA2014-FCFCFSLUcrewSarah and Mark, Ann Marie and Bobby, Hannah and Isaac, Megan and Andrew

The competition starts at 9am and goes until about 3pm. Come by and support your teams during their heats (approximate times are below) at CrossFit West Seattle

4200 SW Admiral Way | Seattle, WA 98116

“On Saturday 27th is the Battle. The first Heat in WOD 1 will start promptly at 9am.

If we stay on time through out the day (which is the goal), we will be done with the last WOD at 3:15pm with the award ceremony at 3:30pm.”

WOD 1 (athlete briefing at 8:45am):

10:20am – HEAT 5
A jerk and a snatch
Bearded Babes
Das Glute
Bonnie and Clyde

10:40 – HEAT 6
Team Awesome
Welcome to the Rock
Crossfit Loft B Team
Team meaT

WOD 2 and 3
– athlete briefing at 11:10am

11:50 Souht Seattle CrossFit vs Team meaT
12:10 Bearded Babes vs Das Glute

​WOD 3
– athlete briefing 12:30pm

2:25pm – HEAT 5
A jerk and a snatch
Bearded Babes
Das Glute
Bonnie and Clyde

2:55pm – HEAT 6
Team Awesome
Welcome to the Rock
Crossfit Loft B Team
Team Meat


For max total reps, 3-minute stations of:
– burpee-lateral jump over plank / ring plank
– axle front lunge / axle front rack
– twinky sandbag squats / overhead sandbag hold
– kettlebell swings / kettlebell wallsit
– toes-to-bar / dead hang

WOD 2 & 3:

3 mins to establish per team:
– 1 Clean
– 1 Hang Clean
– 1 Shoulder to Overhead

then 1:00 minute to transition

Max partner L-sit (on parallettes)

WOD 4:

for time, with only one athlete working at a time:
100 wallballs (20/14#)
90 Alternating DB Snatch (35/25#)
80 Bar facing burpees
70 Hang Squat Cleans (95/65#)
60 Box over jumps (24#)
50 Pull ups
40 sandbag thruster (50/35#)
30 calorie row, per athlete

20 minute time limit.

Sat 9/27

CFTS 14.5

between two people, for time:
150 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14 lb. to 10-foot target
100 cleans, 155 / 105 lb.
50 muscle-ups

Only one athlete may be working at a time. This event starts with the medicine ball on the floor and the first athlete standing tall. Teams may share the work and rotate the working athlete in any manner they choose, but athletes must tag each other when switching. All wall-ball reps must be completed prior to moving on to the cleans, and all cleans must be completed before starting the muscle-ups. This event ends when the last rep of the muscle-up is complete. The team score is the time to complete all the repetitions.