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Saturday CGO Format

CrossFit Games season is upon us! Here is the format for this Saturday’s CGO 15.1. Most weeks will follow a similar format.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.19.49 PM10:30am: General warm-up area in the back of the gym.
11:00am: Show up and be ready to go!
11:05am: Group pow-wow and warm-ups with Andrew. Don’t miss out!
11:15am – Start getting warm!
11:40am – 1st heat
12:00pm – 2nd heat
12:20pm – 3rd heat
12:40pm – 4th heat
1:00pm – 5th heat (if necessary)

Andrew will be leading the CGO strategy discussion and warmup ideas to start everyone off. Even though you may not be in the first heat, you are encouraged to warm up with the team, and then “re-heat” about 15 minutes before your WOD time.

Athletes, sign up for the heat that you would like to workout in. Judges will also sign up for heats. As a judge, you are encouraged to sign up for as many heats as possible. No athletes will be able to participate in a heat if a judge is not signed up next to his/her name. We will be staffing as many people as possible, and with the help of our awesome volunteer judges, this event will go smoothly! (Not a judge? Take your test here! You can still be a judge on Saturday during our CGO events without completing the course.)

Get your game face on!

Athlete Spotlight: Teddy B. (3/3)

  • 10672408_10152709364602884_102407274944227318_n
  • Do you have any siblings?
    Yes, but let’s talk more about me.
  • As a kid, what was your ideal dream job?
    To be Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan. I wasn’t sure what her job was, but there was always champagne and caviar, and I wanted it.
  • If you could have any super power, what would it be?
    Magic. The first spell I would cast would make Tom Brady hideously ugly. I hate his face.
  • Top three favorite movies?
    Clue – The scene with Madeline Kahn when she says, “I hated her…so…much…flames, flames, flames… on the side of my face… breathing, breaths, heaving breaths.” I can’t even. That is my most favoritist moment in all of life.

    Farewell My Concubine – 3 hours of tragedy mixed with Chinese opera?! Heaven! I wish it were 12 hours long.

    Amelie – It has one of the most inspirational lines of all time, “Fur pie doesn’t sell.” I say that to myself every day. And I love French so much. Speak to me in French and you will probably get lucky.

    I’m also adding in Elizabeth because I love an effin British period piece with queenly costumes.

  • What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness?
    I like to take cooking classes whenever I can fit them in. CrossFit definitely has increased my performance in eating. And it’s helped out with the mushrooming. 12-hour days of bushwhacking through forest underbrush, climbing steep slopes, stepping over fallen trees, and farmer carries with 20-lbs basket loads of mushrooms feels like nothing now.

Athlete Spotlight: Kelsi A. (3/3)


  • As a kid, what was your ideal dream job?
I’ve probably wanted to be a writer since I learned to read. It feels pretty amazing for that dream to finally be a reality.
  • Top three favorite tv shows?
I love The Walking Dead. It is definitely my favorite show, even if I have to watch through half-covered eyes because it’s so gory. I also like Game of Thrones and New Girl.
  • What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in?
I like to hike and camp. The summer before last I camped around the Peninsula and Olympic Mountains with one of my good girl friends. We’d wake early, pack up, hike most of the day, cook dinner, and drink by the fire. A few of my most cherished photos are from that trip. We came home smelling like campfire smoke and the sea – it was awesome.
I frequently hike Rattlesnake Ledge to watch the sun rise. It’s my happy place.
  • What is your favorite band/artist?
I like just about anything except for super heavy metal and Country. I grew up on Oldies, have a major soft spot for 40’s Big Bands and Classical because of my grandparents, and I really connect with artists like M83, Blackmill, and Glitch Mob; I love music without lyrics. On a gym note, it’s my favorite when songs like “I Don’t F**k With You” by Big Sean come on. How do you not want to PR when those play during a WOD??

Saturday 2/28: 15.1 Tips & Tricks


Many of you have already tested the first 2015 Open workout. A number of you also set some new personal records like the most Rx toes-to-bar ever in a workout, the heaviest snatch you’ve ever done, and the heaviest clean & jerk you’ve ever done. With all these great accomplishments we’re all learning a bit more about best practices. The following is what I believe will help those athletes that have yet to do it!

Tomorrow there is a 8am FUNDAMENTALS class at CFSLU that all athletes can attend. We’ll cover some of the skillwork involved below!

We meet for the CGO event at 11am! 10am doors open for general warmup in the back!

15.1 + 15.1a TIPS & TRICKS

– Begin with 40-stroke warmup! But you’ll actually get a bonus 10 reps: do a full stroke, return the arms and hips with straight legs. Hold for a 10-count. This should emulate your form on the toes-to-bar. Mobility is the big issue here- can you bring the handle to your toes with straight legs? Cool! If not, unlock the knee until you can!
– For more experienced athletes there are two commonly used t2b forms: the knees-to-chest+little-kick and the straight leg high-cycle. For those who don’t, make sure to find a bar that’s short enough for you to not have to jump. If no bar exists, bring bumper plates, benches or boxes nearby so you can create a channel for your kip and save your jump for the snatch. See Carl Paoli use that set up here or the video embedded above. Most of you should just stay with short sets of 2-5 at a time to conserve your grip. Remember: t2b NEVER come back after you tire it out.
– As far as the deadlift is concerned, most of the prescriptions are light enough that you don’t have to overthink it. Use a mixed grip (if not a hookgripped mixed grip). Just hinge in the hip with good posture and stand up to tuck your butt. No need for elaborate shoulder movement. Most will be able to complete the 10 reps in one set if not two.
– When it comes to the snatch weight you either a.) are confident you can rep it out, or b.) realize it’s pretty close to your 1RM. Three options exist: go unbroken, do sets of 3/2 or 2/3 or 2/1/2, or singles. I recommend consistent singles.
– Don’t go all out! Find a sustainable pace: ADV should be just over a minute/round, INT around 1:30/round, and BEG around 2:00/round. Remember this is a two-parter.
– After the 9 minute effort begins a 6 minute window to lift a heavy clean & jerk. DO NOT DO ANYTHING FOR THE FIRST MINUTE! Allow your body to move around, breath and heart rate to calm down. Maybe switch into your lifting shoes that you already staged nearby.
– You’ll have about 3-4 attempts within the remaining 5 minutes. BEG should go approx 60/70/80% of their 1RM, INT go approx 65/75/85%, and ADV going approx 75/85/93%. If anyone has time for a fourth go for a “Unicorn Magic Lift” and destroy your personal best!

Now that you have that all set up in your head, here’s THE WARMUP:

– 50-stroke warmup, finish to 750m or so. Sprint during the 650-700m mark to get the HR primed.
– Grab a barbell, do some empty bar snatches
– Start warming up your clean & jerk. 40/50/60/70/maybe 80% attempts with rest in between to feel confident.
– Because the CJ goes through the ranges of motion of both the deadlift and snatch TRUST YOUR TRAINING and just bring the weight down working weight. Test no more than three reps of each.
– High-five, fist bump, slap butts (get permission first), and give the nod to your judge. GIVE IT YOUR BEST EFFORT and kick some ass!

Bonus video and links:


The 2015 CrossFit Games Open at FCFCFSLU


Happy CrossFit Games Open season! Thursday night announced the very first open workout of the 2015 season. Regardless if you’re registered or not (you totally should register. You have until Monday), we’ll be doing these every Friday for the next five week!

What is the CrossFit Games Open? It’s a world-wide CrossFit event that tests your capacities both mental and physical. It proves how far you’ve come and sets new goals at the same time. It allows us to come together as a community and struggle and sweat through things laymen fear.

The most awesome thing this year is that they now have a Scaled Division! Much much more awesome stuff, but you can read that here. And if you’re on the fence or have some bullshit excuses you should read this.

FCF 201310-14

The Live Workout Announcement at 5pm at both gyms! If anyone wants to “walk through” the workout you can in the Specialty Floor area. This is all about just familiarizing yourself with work loads (rep, rest, and time management), barbell loading, spatial awareness, transitions, and workout execution.

CGO 14.3_0043

Whatever is released Thursday night (CGO 15.__) will be programmed as the workout for both gyms all day Friday so even those not officially registered get to participate! We’ll most likely do two heats in classes too so that you can just focus on the work. For those planning on the Saturday Events use this to try the millions of tips and tricks the googalz will spit out. Mobilize your issues and practice your skills.


Although we will run normal classes at 9am and 10am, we will have special competitive environment events where we will perform and be officially judged by each other.

Remember that if you register for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open, turn in a score for all 5 events, AND complete the Online Judges Course, you’ll get $20 off your April membership dues!

So good luck to all of our athletes! Time to prove your fitness!

Skills Wednesday 2/25

back squats 80×3, 85×3, 90×3+

for time:
clean (5L/5R)
clean – swing (5L/5R)
clean – swing – snatch (5L/5R)
clean – swing – snatch – (rack) – squat (5L/5R)
clean – swing – snatch – (rack) – squat – press (5L/5R)
clean – swing – snatch – (rack) – squat – press (5L/5R)
clean – swing – snatch – (rack) – squat (5L/5R)
clean – swing – snatch (5L/5R)
clean – swing (5L/5R)
clean (5L/5R)

Perform each line 5 times, switch and repeat on the other side before moving to the next line.