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Wednesday 7/1

every 8 minutes for 40min:
800m run
20 burpees over bar
20 push press, 52/34kg

Post splits to comments!

– 50 banded good mornings
– seated shoulder ext, 3min
– foot rollout on barbell, 1min/side

4 rds:
1 pullup, 1 dip
2 pullups, 2 dips
1 pullup, 1 dip
6 passes at the speed ladder

– deadlift warmup to 85%+ x2
– 3RM at 6″ block

every 8min for 24min:
800m run
20 burpees over bar
20 push press, 52/34kg

5 rounds:
10 cable face pull, with control
20 seated DB shrugs, AHAP
10 good mornings, 40/25kg
20 full ROM calf raises
10 jump taps, 6″+ above standing


3 rounds
5 single arm press
3 windmills
5 Bulgarian Splits Squats (weight if needed)


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
10 snatches (broken up however you want)
10 burpees OTB
10 toes-to-bar


4 rounds
8-15 oblique work:
L1 waving
L2 forearm plank twist
L3 forearm side crunch
L4 side plank side crunch

Intro to HellaFit!

This week our new HellaFit classes begin!

Good for both drop-in beginners and advanced athletes alike, HellaFit is designed to get you hella sweating, whether you’re still learning or just reinforcing basic movement patterns through repetition.

For the majority of the hour, your instructor will keep you moving, with the primary workout lasting at least 30-40 minutes of conditioning. As always, you can adjust to your own level of intensity and difficulty. All the movements can be scaled up or down depending on your abilities. Unlike CrossFit classes, the workouts won’t be highly technical, so you can jump in during any given week at any point in your level of fitness.

If you like partner WODs, you’ll enjoy the team training aspect of HellaFit. Classes will most always be divided into small teams or partners to perform workout circuits using only bodyweight or just one piece of equipment (band, box, ball, bell, etc.) during the entire class. And just like with any team activity, every class ends in a team huddle: “Oh sh!t! HellaFit!”

Photo Dec 27, 10 00 15 PM

So come have hellafun while getting HellaFit on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm!

Tuesday 6/30

Hatch Cycle W9D1
BS 60×5, 70×3, 80×2, 90×2, 95×1
FS 65×5, 75×4, 80×4, 85×4


– tabata cal row
– tabata slam ball
– tabata OH lunge
– tabata slam ball

1min rest between each exercise. Post each tabata score to comments.

– super pigeon, 1min/position/side
– seated shoulder ext, 2min
– weighted prayer pose, 2min

4 rds:
1 pullup, 1 dip
2 pullups, 2 dips
1 pullup, 1 dip
5 squatting quad muscle snatches
5 squatting quad power snatches
5 squatting quad (full) snatches

– 6 sets snatch pull + hang snatch
– 6 sets: power clean + hang clean + jerk

– squats

75 snatches (35/25kg) for time

– Crossover Symmetry Recovery Protocol
– banded chair stretch, 90sec/side TWICE


40/:20 work/rest

Station 1
1. Air squats
2. Jumping lunges
3. Wall sit

Station 2
1. Push-ups
2. Hindu push-ups
3. Plank with moving hand placement, forward and back

Station 3
1. V-ups
2. Superman
3. Slow primal crawl

sprints and walking lunges

Volume Week: 6/29 through 7/5



The Foundation CrossFit family hope that you and yours had a truly PRIDEFUL weekend. It was a hot one too!

This week we finally get to see HELLAFIT classes pop up on the schedule- they’ll be available to you (and the general public) every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm. Make sure to RSVP here!

We are closed this weekend, July 4th & July 5th in observance of Independence Day!


– clean complex
– toes-to-bar/run
– Hatch Cycle W9D1
– tabata row, slam ball, OH walking lunge
– run/burpee-over-bar/push press
– Hatch Cycle W9D2
– double unders/situps
CGO 14.3
– Team Chipper

Another week full of intense repetition and work is ahead of us! Make sure you have your nutrition on point to feed that metabolism we are planning to burn through the next 7 days. The clean complex will determine your technique, timing, and strength. We’ll follow that up with hopefully big sets of strict t2b. I say big sets because you’ll run every time you fall off. Don’t turn it into a running workout if you can help it. We’ll continue with Week 9 of 12 in our Hatch Squat Cycle then do some tabata for conditioning with global flexion/global extension movement patterns. On Wednesday we’ll introduce a new workout protocol as we get into move interval work. More squats on Thursday paired with something similar to ANNIE. We’ll retest CGO 14.3 as well. We are closed this weekend, July 4th & July 5th in observance of Independence Day! Get some needed R&R, I’ll just say you’ll deserve it!


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Story in the Atlantic by the CrossFit Games:

Monday 6/29

every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
power clean + hang power clean + jerk


50 strict t2b for time. Run 400m every time you break.

Post time and total run distance to comments.

wrist prep (3min+ of intense stretching/preparation)


3 rds:
1 pullup
1 dip
2 pullups
2 dips
1 pullup
1 dip
20 steps handstand walk or equivalent

– push press 7×2, as heavy as possible
– jerk recoveries 15×1, as stable as possible

row time trial: 9min max distance row


50 strict t2b for time. 400m run every time you break. List time and total run distance.

– middle split work for at least 5min
– smash quad/adductor
– double ball low back

– middle splits, 3min
ball in trap, 90sec/side


Super Set:
3 x 5 bent press per side
3 x 5 single arm row per side


EMOM for 15 min:
3 double KB swing
3 front squat
3 KB jerk


5×5 slow & controlled sit ups

Saturday 6/27

6 rounds for time:
10 kettlebell push press, 24/16kg
200m suitcase carry, 24/16kg
30 kettlebell rack squats, 24/16kg

Start with the kettlebell on one side and complete the round as written. Switch sides every round (for a total of 3 rounds per side).

Post results to comments!


1mile run


bench press 12×1
board press 6×2 AFAP
3x ME banded triceps/side



15.2a – Part 1 (0:00-6:00)
6 Minute AMRAP
1-Rep Max Snatch

15.2b – (6:01-14:00)
8 Minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
30 Double Unders
15 Toes-to-Bar

15.2a – Part 2 (14:01-20:00)
6 Minute AMRAP
1-Rep Max Snatch

Total Time: 20 Minutes

For this workout, the clock must start at 0:00 and run up to 20:00.

2 rounds
– 20 barbell hip thrusts, BW
– 15 oblique bends/side

then 2 rounds
– 12 barbell curls, AHAP
– 12 ab rollout, as difficult as possible