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Saturday 7/31

today’s skill: THE SNATCH

Come learn some drills and mobility pieces you will probably need to further develop your skills and consistency in one of the olympic lifts!

8am. RSVP here.


for time:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

Compare to 15JUN2015. Post time to comments!

Friday 7/31


5 rounds for time:
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks

Rx = 70/50kg

Or HEAVY “DT” (93/65kg) or DOUBLE “DT” (10 rounds for time)

Post choice and results to comments!

Obliteride 2015!

From one of our awesome athletes Aaron R:

Dear friends,

Some of you will remember that last May I crashed my bike. It was my own fault; the bike was forty years old and many of the components had never been replaced. So when the forty-year-old brakes failed while going down a steep hill, I had no one to blame but myself. At that time, my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer in his mouth and neck. He was in the middle of preliminary tests, exams, and surgeries; malpractice suits related to his case were already underway. He promised that if any of them settled, he would buy me a new bicycle. It was important to him that I be able to afford something new, in proper working order, that would be safe for me to ride for years to come.

My family has had its share of cancer. I underwent four months of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2014. My mother has had breast cancer twice; her sister is currently receiving radiation for breast cancer as well. And, of course, there’s my dad. After a complicated, grueling series of surgeries and treatments, his case ended March 1, 2015. His treatments were ineffective, and the cancer eventually spread to his brain and left lung. A few weeks after his funeral, I received a card from my mom with a check. She reminded me of my dad’s promise to buy me a bike, and she had enough life insurance money left over that she was able to honor his wishes.

Obliteride is a charity bicycle ride to benefit cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I’m participating in Obliteride for myself, my mom, and my aunt, but especially for my dad. Every time I go out to ride, I think of him, and a bicycle ride that raises money for cancer research is the best way I can honor his memory. Money raised through Obliteride goes directly to Fred Hutchinson, to treat and investigate cancer here in Seattle, with results that inform research worldwide.

I’m asking you to support my ride with a donation that will advance cancer research at Fred Hutchinson.

Please visit my page here to contribute.


Thursday 7/30

establish a front squat 1RM within 20 minutes



With a continuously running clock, complete 1 power clean (at 70%) in the first minute, 2 in the second minute, 3 In the 3rd minute, etc. Continue until you cannot complete the required number in the minute.

– Hips of Glory, 1min/position/side
– Super Pigeon, 1min/position/side
– wrist prep, 2x90sec using a stretch that feels necessary


Duration of movements 2 and 3 of each relay is based on time it takes teammate to complete movement 1.

8 incline sprints
OH lunges
SL deadlifts

800m run
ring rows/pull-ups
push press

20 burpees
goblet or front squats
hollow rocks

Kettlebell Pentathlon

Kettlebell Pentathlon™ Rules

5 One-Arm Kettlebell Exercises:
Weight Factors 1 point per 8KG:
  • 8KG = 1
  • 12KG = 1.5
  • 16KG = 2
  • 20KG = 2.5
  • 24KG = 3
  • 28KG = 3.5
  • 32KG = 4
  • Even 2kg weights can be factored by .25
    10KG = 1.25, 14KG = 1.75 etc…
Scoring Example:
  • Clean @20KG = 72reps x 2.5 = 180
  • LongCycle Press @12KG = 48reps x 1.5 = 72
  • Jerk @16KG = 72reps x 2 = 144
  • Half Snatch @16KG = 96reps x 2 = 192
  • Push Press@12KG = 60reps x 1.5 = 90
  • Total Score: 678

The Library is Open!

We always encourage our athletes to learn as much as possible about health and fitness. Now with the addition of the Big Table we have organized our small but growing library of written material for your enjoyment. Not everything is on the internet!


Come hang out, read a book, bring your laptop, share a coffee and conversation (don’t forget your trainers!)