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Halloween Saturday 10/31

Come join us at 8am to cover (and improve) the shoulder-to-overhead movements: press, push press, jerks, etc.

– What does a good overhead position look like?
– How is it accomplished?
– What mobility is necessary for a good position?
– What activation is necessary for a good position?

In honor of the upcoming film SPECTRE we will do a team version of THE CHIEF and we’ll call it


AMRAP in 5 minutes:
3 power cleans, 61/43kg
6 pushups
9 squats
(tag your partner)

Rest 1 minute between each 5 minutes set. Repeat for a total of 5 sets.

Post rounds completed for each of the 5 cycles.

A1. for 5 minutes
3 squatting quad power snatch
3 snatch-grip push press
3 snatch balance

A2. for 5 minutes
3 strict pullups
3 pullups
3 muscle-ups

A3. for 5 minutes
3 clean pulls
3 muscle cleans
3 hang squat clean thruster

A4. for 5 minutes
3 cast wall walks
3 kick-up to handstand/jumping L-press to handstand
3 hspu

B. olympic total, meet-style: 3 attempts at a 1RM snatch, 3 attempts at a 1RM CJ

C. 8x100m row max effort sprints

D. reclaim thoracic mobility and stability

Thursday 10/30


21 overhead squats, 43/29kg
42 pullups
15 overhead squats, 43/29kg
30 pullups
9 overhead squats, 43/29kg
18 pullups

SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

Post time to comments!


– glute/hip/shoulder activation
– movement patterns

A. hang power snatch
– 5×2 @ 60%
– increase 2.5kg for next week if successful

B. front squat
– build to 90% for a single
– drop 15kg if above 100kg, 10kg if below
– then 2×3

C. deadlift
– build to 90% for a single
– drop 20kg if above 150kg, 15kg if below
– then 1 set ME

D1. 2x
– 8 staggered good mornings
– 10 bent over row

D2. 3x
10 ab-rollout
20 russian twists, 32/24kg

Kettlebell & HellaFit Class Programming

With Jared’s departure (cue violin), Tina and Sheena will rotate through coaching the HellaFit and Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning classes.

FullSizeRender (1)

Both coaches will take turns programming each class, and with Kettlebell SC in particular, targeting specific goals in 4-week cycles.


If you’ve been taking these classes since we began offering them in June, you’re ahead of the game as far as getting familiar with kettlebell-specific movements (bent press and windmills, anyone?). Moving forward, Sheena and Tina will bring it back to the fundamentals starting in November to refine kettlebell skills and develop strength, stamina, and stability. You can expect the same warm-ups and cooldowns for each cycle so you can get to work as soon as you arrive at the gym and class time can then be dedicated to that day’s skill work and conditioning.

Kettlebell SC class is great for:

  • those interested in using kettlebell solely in their training, at FCF and at home
  • people who want to learn how to not bruise so easily in racking/cleaning/snatching kettlebells
  • athletes who want to improve their CrossFit competency, specifically with Kettlebell (Girevoy) Sport concepts such as high cycling, etc.
  • competitive-type (Level 2) athletes who could fix weaknesses in their 10 General Physical Skills
  • the folks who have shoulder, hip, and single-arm strength issues as kettlebelling is prehab/rehab-like in nature
  • fun party tricks like this!

Check it out on our schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm!

Thursday 10/29

handstand work, then


7 rounds for time:
4 burpee deadlifts
3 burpee power cleans
2 burpee full cleans
1 burpee full clean and jerk

Rx = 70/49kg. Compare to Tuesday 11AUG2015.

Post time to comments!


1. incline sprint
2. 200m jog
3. strict press
4. weighted lunge
5. inchworm push-up
6. front squat
7. controlled sit-up
8. 800m loaded carry

Our BoTB Event Recap

On Saturday, we held our first-ever fundraising event–Best of the Breast–to raise funds for breast cancer programs at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

40 athletes participated and donated their time and sweat for a good cause!

2015 1024 - Best of the Breast _0048

We snatched 1,127 kilos!


Best of the Breast 2015_0020

Best of the Breast 2015_0062

We clean & jerked 1,495 kilos!

Best of the Breast 2015_0105

Best of the Breast 2015_0100

Best of the Breast 2015_0093

Best of the Breast 2015_0081

We performed 2,669 burpees in 14 minutes!

Best of the Breast 2015_0121

Best of the Breast 2015_0122


By the end of those 14 minutes alone, we raised $2002.85! We’ll have an official total after November 7th, the submission deadline for all the outside pledges from friends and family. 100% of the proceeds go to SCCA.

We also celebrated the accomplishments of some standout athletes and handed out a few prizes (passes to Banya 5 and tickets to the movies to unwind after a job well-done):

Jennifer W. completed the Most Burpees in 7 Minutes at 123 burpees!


Racquel R. was our Most Spirited!


Jo K. and Jeff P. were the Top Fundraising Duo of the day at $400!

Best of the Breast 2015_0156

Best of the Breast 2015_0092

Thanks to everyone for making FCF’s first Best of the Breast fun, bright, and sweaty. We have an amazing and generous community. We couldn’t do what we do without you. This is the first of more to come. Until next year!

Best of the Breast 2015_0140


The numbers are in and our grand fundraising total is $3448.57!!! That’s an additional $1445.72 to what we raised the day of the event.

Stefanie K. won the prize for collecting the Most Pledges at 15 people, so it’s no surprise that she is also our Top Overall Fundraiser!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Thank you again to Stefanie and the rest of you who participated for making FCF’s Best of the Breast a success!

Double Unders

You’ve dialed in your single under and you’re ready to try double unders, but when you go for it, all of a sudden you’re donkey kicking and wildly swing that rope around again!

Remember our tips for the single under: keep that body long and beautiful, keep those arms down and relaxed, and control your tempo. First, slow the single under down a lot. For each jump, propel yourself higher and spend more time off the ground. Remember, we’re not slowing down by double bouncing or spending more time on the ground; we’re slowing down by giving ourselves more airtime (which means more time to pass the rope under twice). When you can consistently slow that tempo down with a higher long-body bounce, keep your bounce tempo the same and double your wrist speed to move the rope under you twice instead of once.

I’ll say it again: keep that bounce beautiful. Control your tempo, keep your body long, and keep those arms relaxed. It’ll take some practice to get the timing down.

Happy bouncing!

Wednesday 10/28

kettlebell floor press 5×8, then

8x125m row, each for time

Post results to comments!

– glute/hip/shoulder warmup
– movement patterns

A. power clean
build to 75% for a single
drop 10-15kg then 2×2

B. tall jerk
build to 55% of 1RM CJ for 5×3

C. back squat
build to 90% of 1RM for a single
drop 15-20kg and do one set of max effort reps

16 alternating kettlebell press
8 one-arm row/side

10 windmills, alt
15 hip ext

A) 4 rounds
4 OH weighted sit-up right arm
4 OH weighted sit-up left arm
8 Single Arm Bent Over Row R&L
16 Russian Twists


For max points

2 min. Max Cleans
2 min. Max Long Cycle Press
2 min. Max Jerk
2 min. Max Half Snatch
2 min. Push Press

* 30 sec. rest between movements
* unlimited switching of hands

C) Wheel