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Tuesday 12/1

for 7 minutes: 15sec handstand, 15sec rest, then

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
3 handstand pushups
6 pistols, alternating
9 kettlebell swings, 32/24kg

Post score to comments!

A. 7 minutes max double unders

B. FGB Protocol

3 rounds, 1 minute intervals max effort:
– lateral ladders
– box jump overs, 24/20″
– dumbbell hang power cleans
– bottom’s up pushups
– double overhead kettlebell hold, 2×24/16kg
– rest

C. 4x750m row at 93-97% of 500m pace of target 2k row

D. Flexibility development


1 min each:

1. slam balls
2. uneven push-ups
3. lunges
4. arch-ups
5. burpees over ball
6. rest

The Weekly: 11/30 through 12/6

by Andrew B

HOLY CRAP- It’s already December. Where did the time go? 2016 is not that far away…

Best of the Breast 2015_0079

We’re in the thick of the holiday season- ensure you keep your goals in mind, but make sure to have fun and celebrate with loved ones!


This coming Friday 12/4 we’re celebrating twice: First Friday is our monthly morning celebration where the coaches put you through a workout THEN FEED YOU! 6am/7am/8am classes. 11am/12pm get the leftovers! Then later that evening we’re throwing our annual holiday party at 8pm. To do that we’re cancelling all 6:30pm classes that day only. Weekend schedule remains the same!

With the cold weather here I’ve been using my slow-cooker (and sous vide) often, so I posted an easy rib recipe.

Movement-wise AV shared the Tibialis Anterior Stretch for those with crappy ankle range-of-motion, those who suffer from shin splits, and those who could use better recovery strategies for beat up lower legs.

2015 October JS _0052Brad, Sunnie, J-Bo, and Jared


It’s Test Week! Let’s start with a classic we haven’t revisited in some time:

– clean/thruster complex, FRAN
– handstand intervals, handstand pushups/pistols/kettlebell swings
– rowing intervals, max-effort clean & jerk
– DT
– CrossFit Linchpin’s Test 6


Who attended Saturday’s classes? Who liked that format? I’m thinking about doing that maybe once a month…


CYBER MONDAY 50% Sitewide –
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Loneliness May Warp Out Genes, And Our Immune Systems – NPR
Sweet Lies – CrossFit Journal
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America’s Test Kitchen Founder Leaves Show – NPR

Super Pigeon

by Andrea V

HIPS! Specifically the muscles that allow external rotation in the hip. (Think knees out). This particular set of stretches also pairs very well with the Hips of Glory.

When you are assigned pigeon or super pigeon as a cooldown or extra mobility practice make sure you know what to focus on so you can make the most out of your time!

Feel this stretch in your side-butt/piriformis/hamstring of the leg that is bent in front of you, and your hip flexor of the leg that is extended behind you. You may feel a stretch in other places, but have no fear- that’s an indication something else is tight and limiting and that’s okay… just ask your coach if you have questions and we can guide you in getting that stretch in the hips.

As you get into this stretch, start off with your front foot close to your torso/hips as your knee is bent. As the foot moves away from the body it will deepen the stretch, so be sure to ease into it and choose your positioning wisely. As you can see in the video, Andrew makes sure his back knee is turned under so that his hips are square to the ground. This is going to ensure you’re opening up your hip flexor as your are in this position as opposed to your adductors, which we would prefer to stretch another way.

Try to relax your torso as you lean forward. You can freestyle and shift your torso toward your knee, toward your foot, and all other directions. You know your body and where you are tight. Each of these positions should be held between 30 and 120 seconds. This gives your central nervous system a chance to realize you’re not in danger and it will help relax the area that is being stretched!

Monday 11/30

4 sets across of a power clean + 3 thrusters, then


21-15-9 reps for time:
thruster, 43/29kg

If you’ve done FRAN multiple times before try increasing load to 52/34kg or making pullups chest-to-bar.

Post results to comments!

A. (full) snatch
– wamup using singles
– 6×1 @ 85%
– must make 5/6 lifts successfully to increase weight!
– target 5kg increase/week if > 100/70kg
– target 2.5kg increase/week if < 100/70kg

This is as much as about strategy and confidence as everything else. Be in the moment when you lift. Think about adjustments before, not during.

B. power clean + 3 thrusters
– build to 65% of 1RM CJ or heavier than last week
– target 5kg increase/week if > 110/80kg
– target 2.5kg increase/week if < 110/80kg
– 4×1

Keep it close to the body and be okay with a slightly lower power position. Launch the bar from the rack position- explode off the deltoids.

C. back squat
– build to to 72% of 1RM BS. Should be 5kg heavier than last week
– 4×5

GET TIGHT and brace your breathing. Stand up all the way between.

D1. 2-3x
– 5 box jumps. land in a power position
– :30+ back ext hold

Jump high and land in a study position before standing completely. Then prove that lockout in the back extension by squeezing legs, glutes, and midline.

D2. 2-3x
– 30 Russian twists, 32/24kg
– 300 banded kneeling paloff press/side

Superset rotation strength with anti-rotation strength.

A) 3 rounds

8 push press with 10 sec. OH fixations between reps

*rest 1 min. between rounds

B) Double KB Annie

50-40-30-20-10 for time:

Double Unders
Double KB Swings

C) Max Jerks with 2 sec. pause at the top

First Friday, December 4th!

Reminder to all you morning athletes that this Friday, December 4th is First Friday/ Champagne Friday/ Breakfast Friday!

FirstFriday-April2015 SLU

After each of the morning workouts we will be cooking up some eggs and sausage! Coffee, OJ, and some bubbly too! Come on in, get a little sweaty, build up an appetite, and linger a little longer than normal! Feel free to bring something to share, too.

First Friday 07AUG2015

Not a morning athlete? This particular Friday is special in that December 4th is also our Merry Fitness and Happy Holiday Party!

Sunday 11/29

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
10 overhead squats, 61/43kg
50 double unders


5x300m rows, each for time

Post results to comments!

“LUCKY #8”

8 min AMRAPS
8 reps each

-shuttle sprint burpees
-walking lunges
-inchworm push-ups
-ring rows

-jumping squats
-plank shoulder touches
-sit-thrus to table top

-low/high plank
-sprinter sit-ups
-glute bridges

2 min rest between AMRAPs

Let’s restore/improve your range of motion!

Saturday 11/28

muscle snatch
– 5×2 @ 55% of snatch 1RM



AMRAP in 5 minutes:
3 power cleans, 61/43kg
6 pushups
9 squats
(tag your partner)

Rest 1 minute between each 5 minutes set. Repeat for a total of 5 sets. Compare to 31OCT2015.

Post results to comments!

back squat 3RM, then

with a partner, EMOM for 20 minutes:
a. 4 snatches, 50/35kg
b. 12 squat jumps

Post results to comments!

sumo deadlift
– work up to 80% of 1RM deadlift then drop 20kg if below 150kg, 30kg if above
– then 2×8, then

for time:
200 slam ball
400 toe taps
2:00 L-sit
400 kb swings, 20/12kg

One partner working at a time. Post results to comments!

I expect you guys to come in like normal, and finish out with a 5x1500m row at 110% of your 2k target pace.