Best Coast Wines Tasting – You’re Invited!

by Sheena C

A special invitation from one of our athletes, Nick S.

Nick grew up in downtown Chicago and moved to sunny California as soon as he could. Unfortunately, it was only after he moved that he learned that San Francisco is mostly foggy and grey. He ventured out to Napa and Sonoma in search of sunshine, but instead returned with a passion for wine. After years of working in finance and then grad school, Nick decided to combine his professional expertise with his love for Californian wine, starting Best Coast Wines in 2013 with a childhood friend / winemaker named Grant Ebert. Nick is a Certified Sommelier and is passionate about crafting versatile, food friendly wines for the table.

Nick used to love attending the mid-day CrossFit classes, but since he recently picked up his day job, he’s had to deal with getting up painfully early for 6 AM class or dealing with the painful Cap Hill parking situation to get to 6:30 PM class.  Still worth it!  His favorite is HellaFit on Sundays because his wife Gabby will come with!


Hi Foundation Friends!

Come join us on Saturday November 21 at Barrique Wines for a FREE tasting of our Eight Sides current releases. Nick and Gabby will be pouring our:

– 2012 Paso Robles Zinfandel
– 2013 Monterey Pinot Noir
– 2014 Paso Robles Viognier

Light snacks of charcuterie and fromage will also be served.

New Pinot Label 2

All of our wines (as well as many others from our friends at Barrique) will be available for purchase, so you can find your new favorites with Thanksgiving right around the corner!

See you there!

– Nick & Gabby

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