Your Teams for Mission: 2016 Goals

We asked you what you want to accomplish in 2016, but now what? The hardest thing about setting fitness goals is sticking to a game plan and putting in the necessary work. We have your back on the coaching side of things, and we’re asking you to come together to motivate each other towards common goals.


Based on your holiday card responses, we’ve grouped you into specific categories so you know which gym-mates are working on the same objectives. A great support system leads to great success! Utilize each other’s energy to keep yourselves accountable, drive each other to stay consistent with training, and get together and attend skills classes (stay tuned for a class schedule update once we complete the Open). If you named more than one goal, you’ll be in multiple groups–hey, the more the merrier!

Starting Thursday, Feb. 4th, we’ll post up your names on the community cork board, which will take position front and center at the gym. Look for your name and see who’s on your team roster(s). This is also an opportunity to get to know more of your fellow FCF-ers!

For right now, our focus is on preparing for and finishing the Open, then we’ll get right to work with specific programming and added Skills Intensives classes to get you that much closer to your vision for 2016!