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Wednesday 3/30


EMOM for 30 minutes: pause snatch pull + hang snatch
then find a max back or front squat in 15 minutes


EMOM for 30 minutes: pause snatch pull + hang snatch + snatch balance
then find a max back or front squat in 15 minutes

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movement patterns
banded hips, glutes, shoulders
Snatch Positional Stretches
Thacker A, B, C

establish a heavy snatch within 15 mintues

establish a heavy clean & jerk within 15 minutes

Superset, 3x
around the body pass, 10
figure 8 drill, 5

hit 3×3 prying goblet squats with curls (keep light for warm up)
then 3×3 overhead squat with curl

find a 3RM sumo-deadlift within 15 minutes


tabata two arm hang

forearm smash/wrist prep
quidditch stretch, 2 min/side

For prying goblet squats, goal is to open up the hips. For the curls, try not to move the elbows! Before going into the overhead squat with curl, warm up shoulders by doing TGU/shoulder stack prep. Set up feet/knees to TGU lunge set up, both hands down on the ground, keep midline tight, rotate torso to stack shoulders by extending on arm up overhead.

Just a quicky in the TGU prep. Camera angle bit wonky here but you get the picture. Torso rotation to stack shoulders: elbows locked (unless you are a hyperextended, then straight), shoulders packed, cervical rotation to make sure you aren't jamming your neck. What you can't see is 1) I'm pushing hard into the ground with my base hand (need upward force to eventually match that KB's downward force….oooooo video idea) 2) I'm using strength to mindfully keep my femur pointing 90 degrees-ish to the side 3) I'm consciously not turning this into sweeping, rib flaring, back arching dance move…in other words: use your core to keep ribs & pelvis in good alignment. Yes I'm working on mobility…but I'm also patterning what will become my loaded #tgu. Great place to practice breathing. #Strongfirst #kettlebell #kettlebelltraining #kettlebellexcercises #kettlebelltips #getstrong #girlswholift #strongchicks #personaltrainer #womenofmovement #trainlikeagirl #strength #movement #training #fitness #health #movebetter #strengthisanattitude #dubaikettlebells #dubaifitness #uaefitness #uaefitnessmovement #fittips #mobility #ownyourstrength #kultquicktips

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New warm up for next cycle (3 months):
5 minutes for joint mobility (neck, shoulders, arms, torso, ankles, hips) then spend 15-20 minutes to complete 3-5 rounds of 3-5 reps – rest 1-2 minutes after each round.
-cossack squat
-press, right
-press, left
-pull up

Goal is to gradually move up in weight for each movement. Kettlebells can be used for the deadlift, eventually can move to barbell for grip strength and moving more weight. Add kb for weight for cossack squat for force depth and ankle mobility, gradually move up in weight for presses, and pull ups should be unassisted and eventually weighted (if unassisted pull ups aren’t there, then mod to best scale to build strength to get there).

Tuesday 3/29

5 rounds for time:
50 double unders
25 push press, 35/25kg


4x200m farmer’s carry, AHAP

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Course Description: Develop a better foundation for hanging skills like pullups (strict, kipping, and butterfly), toes-to-bar, and rope climbs. Before we walk, we crawl. Includes accessory homework.

Prerequisites: a positive attitude and appetite for knowledge.

RSVP for classes here. Drop-ins welcome!


10 minutes each:

– 5 air squats
– 4 lunges
– 3 pushups
– 2 burpees

– 4 RDL
– 3 front squats
– 2 push presses
– 1 set of weighted lunges

a. 30-sec KBS
b. 30-sec banded walk

The Weekly: 3/28 through 4/3


WE’VE DONE IT! We’ve completed the 2016 CrossFit Games Open, which culminated in VERSUS VIII- our in-house throwdown where we started with 16.5, played the Hip Extension Game, then finished with a snatch and clean & jerk total. Results and prizes for the FCF Intramural Open 2016 to come before end of week.

So much grit. So much ferocity. So much passion. So much inspiration.

The Foundation CrossFit community is the g’damn best.

– handstand development
– pullups/dips/goblet squats
– double unders/push press
– farmer’s carries
– EMOM snatch complex
– maxes (back squat, front squat)
– 2k row
– maxes (press, push press, jerk)
– Super HELEN
– LYNNE-ish
– EMOM lifts (hang snatch, hang clean)

This is a deload week where we want to gather as much data as possible with your maxes so that we can start a new squat cycle next week (with work based on percentages) so get in when you can!

We also start the FOUNDATION INSTITUTE of TRAINING & TECHNIQUE (“F.I.T.Tech”!) where we will spend the next 24 weeks working skill-intensive classes, developing and refining movements important to your athletic development. RSVP for classes now!

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– Tren Hard, Eat Clen Anavar Give Up: Filtering the Gateway to the Games – HBombMac
Crawling, Carrying, and Coordination by Roger Nelsen – Just Fly Sports
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Monday 3/28

for 10 minutes:
15sec handstand
15sec rest


AMRAP in 16 minutes:
4 strict pullups
8 dips
12 goblet squats, 20/12kg

Post results to comments!

It’s max week. Be here Monday/Wednesday/Friday to test and retest important numbers for the next program coming next week.

– establish a 1RM OHS
– establish a 1RM deadlift



for 3 rounds, 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest:
double kb clean
overhead squat, left
overhead squat, right

Saturday 3/26

VERSUS VIII is here! There are no normal classes today.

– 08:00am – Doors Open for Warmup and Movement Prep
– 09:00am – Welcome, Event Info and Workout Standards, Team Pow Wow
– 09:20am – Staff Heat
~ 09:40am – Event 1: 16.5, Heat 1+
~ 11:00am – Event 2: Team
~ 11:45am – Event 3: Individuals
~ 12:50pm – Wrap-Up, Group Picture
~ 01:00pm – BBQ, Fittest On Earth Screening


– thruster
– depth and lockout for standards
– full grip vs open grip
– slightly wider squat stance for faster stretch-reflex
– breath/pause at the top
– depth and lockout for standards
– bar-facing burpee
– stepping vs jumping/snapping
– turning while jumping
– transitions
– quick transitions- save rest for inside sets


– training shoes vs lifting shoes
– belts?
– space for burpees
– hyperlites for scaled division’s 20kg


– rep/rest management
– 3-4x your FRAN time (unless you have a 14.5 time)
– be in control of it before it controls you
– thirds?
– ~60%/40%?
– barbell
– use multiple change plates to hug 5kg bumpers
– clamps!
– space management
– room for burpees?
– rolling bar prevention

Friday 3/25

“CGO 14.5”

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time:
bar-facing burpees

Rx = 43/29kg, Scaled = 29/20kg

Post time to comments!

movement patterns
banded hips, glutes, and shoulders
Chad Vaughn Warmup
Snatch Positional Stretches
Thacker A, B, and C

EMOM for 20 minutes:
clean pull w/ pause at knee
below-knee clean
2 split jerk