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Every Two Minutes

by Andrew B

Barbell Club 2016 07-32Dave H

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 01OCT2016

with a running clock perform one lift every TWO minutes and add weight immediately after:
– start with an empty barbell and SNATCH for as long as possible
– once you cannot snatch the weight, CLEAN for as long as possible
– once you cannot clean the weight, DEADLIFT for as long as possible

Level 2 WOD

EMOM for 12 minutes: power snatch + snatch balance

EMOM for 12 minutes: pause clean, 1-3 rope climbs



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Straight Up

by Andrew B

JULY pt 3-4
Markham M

CrossFit WOD for Friday 30SEP2016

establish a 1RM overhead squat within 15 minutes, then

“ISABEL”: 30 snatches (61/43kg) for time

or “GRACE”: 30 clean & jerks (61/43kg) for time


for time:
30 snatches, 61/43kg
30 clean & jerks, 61/43kg

Post load and time to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

+ warmup: hip circles, banded shoulders, snatch positional stretches, barbell warmup


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Five Minutes


by Andrew B

Julia A double kb OH - 2016 Q1

Julia A

Three things to remember: drive the swing with the legs, elbow high, and punch through quick!

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 29SEP2016

max kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes, then


This is a partner WOD. The team will perform a 5-1 row. Alternating one after the other, partners will perform time trial rows: 500/500, 400/400, 300/300, 200/200, 100/100. Every row is to be performed at MAX intensity. While one partner is rowing the other will be “resting”.

The “rest” is completed with two kettlebells in the rack* position (Performance 24/16kg, Fitness = 20/12kg). The “resting” partner will rack the bells at the beginning of their partner’s row and will unrack them at the end of the row. Unracking of bells before the end of the row results in a 5 burpee penalty for every offense.

Post max snatch total and time to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


30-min AMRAP

Relay 1
– 100m farmers’ carry
– front squat

Relay 2
– 50 KBS
– t2b/hanging leg raise

Relay 3
– 400m run
– walking lunge

Relay 4
– 50/40 push-ups
– pullups/ring or hinge row/bent over row


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Pull Your Foot

by Andrew B


Picking up your foot quickly under your butt is one of the better ways to improve both performance and safety in your running technique.

Most people will focus on the push off of the rear foot in their running technique. This can lead to foot/lower leg/hip/low-back overuse and impact. Instead by pushing the hips forward to a controlled fall forward we can utilize momentum to our advantage. We simply need to control our speed and movement through a focus on pulling our feet back under us as soon as possible as quickly as possible. Think about trying to run in sand or on ice. Pushing off will lead to wasted efforts whereas pulling promises forward movement.

This is very apparent when running up inclines, like our ramp at FCF.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 28SEP2016

establish a 1RM front squat in 15 minutes, then 800m farmer’s walk for time

4 rounds for time:
400m run
50 air squats

Performance: wear/carry 20/15# the entire workout (ruck/vest/plate/chain/etc). Post heaviest squat and time to whiteboard.

Barbell Club WOD

+ ACCESSORIES: bent over rows, dips, ab roll outs

Kettlebell S&C WOD

Beginning at 5:30 with Patrick you’ll start with Simple & Sinister before moving on to more strength and stamina work.


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Inferno A-Go-Go

by Andrew B

This weekend a huge crew from FCF also went out to support BenDeLaCreme at Oddfellows West Hall:

BenDeLaCreme Inferno A-Go-Go 27SEP2016Raphael, Matt, Gus, Tina, Grayson, Sheena, Jessie, Russ, Ali, Susan, Andrea, Miles, Victor, AB, Courtney, Chip, Ryan, Michael, Megan, and Margot. PC: Nick

If you haven’t been to one of her shows you’re missing out on some hilarious fun with a seriously thought-provoking journey inspired by Dante’s Inferno. There’s a couple more shows this weekend if you’re interested!

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 27SEP2016

establish a 1RM back squat in 20 minutes, then

100 pullups for time or 30 muscle-ups for time

Remember that these should be completed with maximum intensity (AFAP). Post squat and time to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD


for time:
500m row
400m run
300m row
200m run
100m row
90 KBS
80 situps
70 KBS
60 situps
50 KBS
40 burpees
30 thrusters
20 burpees
10 thrusters
5 ramp sprints

Endurance Club WOD – Meet at the SU Track at 6:30pm

8 rounds
300m run fast (around mile PR pace)
150m jog
30 seconds rest

Workout Pacing: 300m should be as fast as possible but as consistent as possible. Start relatively conservative, but continue to push effort and speed to maintain time. Target should be around your mile PR pace.

Workout Focus: Keep the 300m runs consistent.

SU Track Details: Start at 300m mark on track. Run fast from 300m to finish line. Jog from finish to 300m mark, then rest for 30 seconds and go again.


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Max Week Is Here!

by Andrew B

Cascade Classic - Team I Wanna Flex You UpTeam I Wanna Flex You Up

Let’s give another shout out to all our athletes who competed this past weekend at the Cascade Classic: Robyn S, Micha C, Clara S, Megan K, and our team composed of Stef K, Gabrielle F, Dave H, Devin B

Have a good weekend? We’re wrapping up another sunny, eventful Friday/Saturday/Sunday! Now it’s time to get back in the game and to really get your head in the right mode for all the maxing and testing we have planned for you this week: bench press 1RM, press 1RM, 1/2 NATE/Regional NATE, 1RM back squat, 30 muscle-ups, 100 pullups, still rings, Panic Breathing, OHS 1RM/squat max makeup, GRACE, ISABEL, ISAGRACE, and EMOM lifts!

CrossFit WOD for Monday 26SEP2016

establish a 1RM bench press in 15 minutes, then

establish a 1RM press in 10 minutes, then

1/2 “NATE” (Fitness Rx)

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
2 muscle-ups
8 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 32/24kg

1/2 “NATE”(Fitness Scaled)

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
4 chest-to-bar pull-ups
7 dips
12 kettlebell swings

or 1/2 Regionals NATE (Performance)

5 rounds for time:
4 strict muscle-ups
7 strict HSPU
12 kb snatch, 32/24kg

10min time cap.

Compare/contrast to 02SEP2016. Post total reps completed to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

– hang snatch
– back squat
– clean
– accessories: 3xME weighted plank, 25/20kg


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Cascade Classic Day 2

by Andrew B

Robyn's rope climb - Cascade Classic 2016Robyn S


Go check it out today! Washington State Convention Center down on Pike.

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 25SEP2016


SET 1:
15 calorie row
10 kb swing R
10 burpees onto bumper
10 kb swing L
15 calorie row

SET 2:
10 kb snatch R
10 goblet squats
15 calorie row
10 goblet squats
10 kb snatch L

SET 3:
10 kb front lunges, R
10 kb thrusters, R
15 calorie row
10 kb thrusters, L
10 kb front lunges, L

Athletes will have 5 minutes to complete each of the following sets. Every 5 minutes a new set starts. Score will be the combined time to complete all three sets. Uncompleted reps will be added to time cap, 1 second for each unfinished rep.

Fitness 20/16kg, Performance 32/24kg


15 db/kb shoulder-to-overhead
20 slam ball
100 double unders
20 slam ball
15 db shoulder-to-overhead

Fitness = 2×20/12kg kettlebells or 2×40/25# dumbbells, 30/20# slammer ball
Performance = 2×24/16kg kettlebells or 2×50/35# dumbbells, 20/14# dynamax ball

HellaFit WOD


:40/:20 work/rest
3x each triplet
1 min rest between triplets

– squat
– pushup
– reverse plank

– split squat, L
– split squat, R
– pullup/ring or hinge row

– ramp sprints
– shuttle runs
– burpees


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Hold My _____

by Andrew B


Go check out our athletes at The Cascade Classic this weekend! Robyn S in the Individual Masters and Micha C in the Individual Scaled. MORE INFO RIGHT HERE.

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 24SEP2016


AMRAP in 18 minutes:
12 calorie row
8 thruster, 20/15kg

Only one athlete working at a time, rotating every round. Then,


in teams of four, for time:
80 toes-to-bar + kb hold
40 kb deadlifts
40 C2B pullups + kb hold
40 kb deadlifts
20 pullup + kb hold
40 kb deadlifts
10 bar muscle-ups + kb hold
40 kb deadlifts

Fitness = 24/16kg hold, 2×24/16kg deadlift. Performance = 32/20kg hold, 2×32/20kg deadlift

Only one athlete working at a time, with as many switches as necessary. Each team will have a two pairs of kettlebells for the holds and deadlifts. At the start of the workout one of each kettlebell will be picked up and held above the waist and below the shoulder. The bells must remain off the floor until the associated work set is completed. If the bells fall out of position or touch the ground before the associated work set is completed the team will incur a 10 synchronized-burpee penalty to be performed immediately.

Once the work set is complete the team will put the bells down and complete the deadlifts. Only one athlete can be deadlifting. Rotate as often as necessary.

Post score and time to whiteboard.


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