EMOM Wednesday

James S (photo by James G)

from this great Catalyst Athletics article by Matt Foreman:

What’s the main benefit of complexes?
There are a few ways to answer that. First, there’s a conditioning factor. And when we use the word “conditioning” with weightlifters, we’re not talking about jogging for miles. We’re talking about building up a work capacity that directly applies to the Olympic lifts. Second, I think you can gain a lot of control over your technique by using complexes. Because you have to perform different movements in succession, your body develops a wider range of mastery. Third, complexes can provide a mental break from attacking heavy snatches and clean and jerks all the time. It can be good for variety, plain and simple.

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CrossFit WOD for Wednesday

every 2 minutes for 24 minutes: power clean + thruster + jerk, then

AMRAP burpee box jumps (Fitness 12/8″, Rx = 24/20″) in 5 minutes

Barbell Club WOD

front squat
3-position clean
7-sec clean deadlift
knees-to-elbows, BtN push press

Kettlebell S&C WOD

Warmup: Windmill and plank
Skillls: Clean and press
Strength Cycle Day #1: 5 single arm swings per minute for 15 minutes

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