Run BMC Retest

by Andrew B

rando JUNE 2016-22
Mika T breaking parallel

We believe that for general health & fitness in movement it is imperative to practice full range-of-motion, but not at the cost of losing spinal alignment. That being said our squats are full depth meaning the crease of the hip falls below the top of the knee from profile view without losing the flat back.

CrossFit WOD for Max Week Friday 12/23


for time:
200m run
1 round of BARBARA
400m run
2 rounds of MARY
600m run
3 rounds of CINDY
800m run

Compare to 01DEC2016. Post time to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

back squat
snatch (waves)
rack jerk

MOCK MEET at 5:30pm! Current start list:
1. Hugh M
2. Steven C
3. Matt B
4. Craig Y
5. David H
6. Guillaume C


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