Swedish Cancer Institute, “Family 2”

by Sheena C.

Community is often used when it comes to CrossFit. To me, the Foundation CrossFit community is like a second family where I constantly feel: proud, strong, encouraged, challenged, supported, inspired, cared for, and loved by my gym family. When I first started CrossFit I wanted all of my family and friends to try it or join the gym because I wanted them to experience that aspect of being a part of a gym. How many of you have met someone at the gym and became really great friends with them outside of the gym? Like best friends (yes, we see you). Like more than best friends (yes, we see ya’ll too) and then the latter but we still support one another. Undying support and unconditional love. That’s what I feel this community brings to me.

Without trying to convince family, friends, or strangers to join the gym I would love to share that same undying support and unconditional love to them. Help me share the love by signing up to donate to one of the two families we have adopted through the Swedish Cancer Institute Holiday Family Program! Small acts of kindness can go a very, very long way. We have bins set up at the gym for all your goodies. Monetary and gift card donations are also accepted. Thank you for being an integral part of my second family and thank you in advance for showing extra kindness by supporting our “adopted” family!


Family 2:

Family B is a married 41 year old woman with three adolescent children.  She is diagnosed with metastatic cholangiocarcinoma and has progressed through multiple treatments, including a clinical trial.  She is not on immunotherapy.  Throughout treatment, her primary focus has been on her children’s wellbeing and minimizing the impact to their lives.  Thank you for helping to make this holiday a little brighter this year!


The last day to donate items will be Sunday, December 18th. Please contact Sharla or myself if you have additional questions. Thank you!