Broad Jump / Track Triplet

by Andrew B

Two champs tho #amatao2016

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After celebrating Ann-Marie’s accomplishments through some theme parks we’ll have a full recap of the events!

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 12/10

max broad jump in 7 minutes, then


3 rounds for time:
8 alternating split snatches
7 bar mu
400m run

Post time to whiteboard.


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AM at the AO 2016

by Andrew B

Stream the entire USA Weightlifting American Open all weekend at this link right here.

Ann-Marie lifts tomorrow morning in the Women’s -58kg D Session on the Red Platform. The session starts at 8:30am EST (that’s 5:30am for you PST Washingtonians) and will go for quite some time. Stream it live or wait for the recap later!

CrossFit WOD for Skills Friday 12/9


21-15-9 reps for time:
deadlift, 102/70kg
handstand pushups

Post time to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

snatch waves
back squat
rack jerk
accessories: dumbbell/kettlebell step-ups/side, GHR


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Athlete Spotlight: Dave T. (1/3)



Where are you from/where do you consider home?

I was born in Queens, NY. Grew up in Miami, which is where I consider home. Went to art school in Savannah, GA, spent some time in Baltimore and then almost a decade in Madison, WI, which is where I met my wife Rachael.

What do you do for work?

I own a Creative agency with my partner Gabe. We’re both creative directors and create content, advertising and branding for companies that are making the world a better, smarter or radder place.

Do you have a favorite part about your job?

It’s constantly new. Being a consultant I’m always meeting new people, learning new industries and traveling to new places. I can just be plain fun, coming up with ideas that will help a business succeed by being culturally relevant, sometime those ideas are playful, like making a cat video with Macklemore or sometimes they are simply something powerful we can all rally around like the “Lift Heavy, Love Strong” shirt I designed for FCF.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

Saturday starts when, Ruby our 2yr old wakes up a little too early, asking for a banana and usually pops into bed with us. If we’re lucky she falls back to sleep and I roll over onto said half eaten banana. Then COFFEE. Then it’s off to the woods for a fam bike ride (it’s the coolest thing ever to teach your kid to ride a bike!), mushroom foraging mission or getting in a Saturday WOD and bopping around the hill until dinner time. Then it’s bath time (for me, rose petals, white wine and candles, every Saturday night.) Heh, it’s a bubble bath for the girls, then drawing or story time.


Sunday starts when, Ruby our 2yr old wakes up a little too early, asking for a banana and usually pops into bed with us. If we’re lucky she falls back to sleep and I roll over onto said half eaten banana. I usually to get a few hours of mental therapy and ride my bike in the woods. Then we’ll have dinner with friends or head out eat.

Tell us about how you got into CrossFit!
I graduated FCF foundations program April 2011, SHOUT OUT TO AMY COTLOW!

CrossFit was not on my radar before walking by FCF 3.0 a bunch of times. It had this rugged grimy look, which reminded me of Apollo’s gym* in LA from Rocky 3, where Apollo gives Rocky the Eye of the Tiger speech:

before Rocky beats Clubber Lang

(who in my opinion is the 2nd best villain in movie history, props to Darth Vader in the #1 spot).

I finally walked down the parking lot hill to find out what that place was all about and 93 til’ infinity was playing and I was sold.
Though in reality it’s a bunch of people body rolling to Beyoncé.

What was your experience in joining our gym?
It’s been an integral part my family’s life since moving to Seattle 6 years ago. Both of my kids have been raised at fcf/slu in 1-2 hour periods, 3-5 times a week. Which I love, because they get to see people of all shapes, sizes, colors from all over the globe working hard to better themselves.


599052_10101854934747798_424797578_nEllison, 2013

12716331_1033548563383740_323176176440126806_oRuby, 2016


by Andrew B

originally posted on 12APR2011


First off, we change this recipe every time it’s made. The picture above is of a 12-quart stock pot, so our goal was to make a metric butt ton. We’ve used other variations like the crock pot in the past. I’ll list “measurements”, but we go crazy with veggies and meat.. which is great because you can use some of the newer greens this week’s CSA, or clear out your refrigerator. As you can see, we’ve deviated a bit from the original MDA recipe, but that’s the beauty of it all- you’ll still end up with a delicious pot of Primalaya. You can’t go wrong!


2 large chicken breast
1 lbs Isernio’s hot italian sausage
1 lbs andouille sausage
chicken stock*
2 12.5oz cans of roasted diced tomatoes
5 bell peppers (all color)
5 zucchini
1 bunch rainbow chard
1 package baby heirloom tomatoes
2 shallots
2-3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp fresh parsley
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp thyme
olive oil
(this is a good chance to use up new veggies, or ones left over in your fridge!)

*You’ll need enough chicken stock to cover the ingredients. I usually have 2 to 8 cups of stock ready. The vegetables will cook down, so you’ll have plenty of broth.


Prep your veggies into desirable chunks- big pieces will yield a better end result. Cube the chicken and cut the sausages into 1-2″ lengths. Sear the meats on high heat in a pan along with garlic. Then set them aside. Remember, the chicken and sausage will cook throughout in the broth. Nothing sucks more than rubbery chicken. Heat the chicken stock on medium in your soup/stock pot with the herbs and spices. Add both the meats and veggies. Lower the to a low-medium heat and let simmer for 30 minutes or until the veggies are cooked to your preference.

Bam. Done. Eat. Enjoy.

CrossFit WOD for Skills Thursday 12/8

AMRAP in 7 minutes: pullups (Fitness) or muscle-ups (Performance), then

7 rounds, each for time:
30/25 cal row
6 push press
12 t2b

Push press is the heaviest you can go unbroken! Post fastest round to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


EMOM for 10 minutes, adding one rep for each movement until the full complex cannot be completed within the minute. For the rest of the first 10 minutes, try to complete as many sets as possible. Rest at minute 11. Then continue 1-min/1-min work/rest for 10 rounds.

Double KB:
– front squat
– push press
– 1 set of lunges


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Swedish Cancer Institute, “Family 2”

by Sheena C.

Community is often used when it comes to CrossFit. To me, the Foundation CrossFit community is like a second family where I constantly feel: proud, strong, encouraged, challenged, supported, inspired, cared for, and loved by my gym family. When I first started CrossFit I wanted all of my family and friends to try it or join the gym because I wanted them to experience that aspect of being a part of a gym. How many of you have met someone at the gym and became really great friends with them outside of the gym? Like best friends (yes, we see you). Like more than best friends (yes, we see ya’ll too) and then the latter but we still support one another. Undying support and unconditional love. That’s what I feel this community brings to me.

Without trying to convince family, friends, or strangers to join the gym I would love to share that same undying support and unconditional love to them. Help me share the love by signing up to donate to one of the two families we have adopted through the Swedish Cancer Institute Holiday Family Program! Small acts of kindness can go a very, very long way. We have bins set up at the gym for all your goodies. Monetary and gift card donations are also accepted. Thank you for being an integral part of my second family and thank you in advance for showing extra kindness by supporting our “adopted” family!


Family 2:

Family B is a married 41 year old woman with three adolescent children.  She is diagnosed with metastatic cholangiocarcinoma and has progressed through multiple treatments, including a clinical trial.  She is not on immunotherapy.  Throughout treatment, her primary focus has been on her children’s wellbeing and minimizing the impact to their lives.  Thank you for helping to make this holiday a little brighter this year!


The last day to donate items will be Sunday, December 18th. Please contact Sharla or myself if you have additional questions. Thank you!


by Andrew B

In honor of the USAW American Open beginning today. Our own Ann-Marie D competes this Friday! More details tomorrow.

CrossFit WOD for Skills Week Wednesday 12/7


perform 10 rounds of the following complex for max load: power clean + jerk dip squat + jerk + back squat + BtN jerk

Post heaviest load to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

snatch, power snatches
power clean
accessories: reverse flys, bent-over single-arm rows

Kettlebell S&C WOD

10-8-6-4-2 presses and lunges


+ The Worlds Largest Weightlifting Education Source – Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics – brUTE Strength podcast

Swedish Cancer Institute, “Family 1”

by Sheena C.

Last week we shared a message from Sharla S. about our gym adopting two families from the Swedish Cancer Institute via their Holiday Families Program. What does it mean to adopt a family? It means that we choose to help them directly by providing items on their wish list. If you haven’t already seen, we have a sign up sheet at the gym and if you are able to, please sign up to donate an item or two to these two families! We also wanted to share that a monetary donation or gift card(s) are available as items to give. I’m not sure about you guys, but aside from giving birth to a wonderful baby girl this year, 2016 hasn’t been the best year. Let’s end the year right by continuing to embrace each other, give and love more this holiday season*.

Family 1 story:

Family 1 is a family of four. Patient 1 has been in treatment for metastatic breast cancer for many years and is disabled from a leg fracture two years ago due to metastases. Family finances are tight, as they live on her husband’s income alone. The cost of gas, parking and groceries can feel overwhelming at times on top of the long “to do” list for maintaining her health. Patient 1 works hard to be present with her husband and 13 and 20 year old children.


The last day to donate items will be Sunday, December 18th. Please contact Sharla or myself if you have additional questions. Thank you!

*Family 1 has requested not to receive any Christmas related items.

JT Tuesday

by Andrew B

CrossFit WOD for Skills Week Tuesday 12/6

front squat 5x6x72, then

21-15-9 rft:
ring dip

Post time to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD


30 min AMRAP:

400m run
10 front squats
10 pushup + scap ‘shups
10 OH lunges
10 pullups/row variation


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