We’re going to try to compile everything we’re ask constantly- Yay for organization! This will always be a work in progress so please bear with us. If it’s a question regarding the methodology of CrossFit you can start with’s FAQ.


Is CrossFit right for me?

This depends on your goals. If you want the ability to do anything physical, then yes. We achieve work capacity: your ability to move specific loads specific distances as efficiently as possible. This could be you carrying a couch up some stairs, running a full marathon in less than 3 hours, or lifting heavy objects over your head.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

Like any other physical activity, there are inherent dangers in any type of exercise. Knowing your limits (both physically and mentally) will keep you progressing safely. We move our bodies, lift objects, test cardio and other physical outputs- if you have been sedentary it is recommended that you take it relatively easy until you’ve got at least a month of regular activity before doing anything intense.

Please read “CrossFit Induced Rhabdo” by Greg Glassman.

Don’t I need to be “in shape” to start CrossFitting?

Absolutely not! The awesome thing about our method of fitness is that anyone can get a great workout in the same class. We have ways to modify and scale exercises and workouts to your specific needs and abilities.

Those workouts look too hard/intense for me!

They can be – in our form of exercise we ask you to look for a relatively high intensity in our workouts. This essentially means finding what is difficult, but doable, for you. It could be a 500lbs deadlift or 50lbs- the load isn’t as important as long as you’re moving and being challenged!

How does Foundation CrossFit operate any differently from any other gym?

Instead of just “working out”, we provide our community with the knowledge to become responsible for their own health and fitness. Our knowledgeable staff includes a variety of different people with different backgrounds and different specialties to create a broad and inclusive fitness program. We have a general population who want to be more active, as well as populations with more specific goals. We build a foundation of movement and understanding of said movement so that people may pursue other physical opportunities in the future. That means while we have high-level elite athletes who train for sanctioned competitions, we start by teaching everyone with the foundations of movement. First-time exercisers who work full-time desk jobs work out with Olympic contenders and everyone in between: gym rats who have frequented the gym for years (and have no made continual progress), weekend warriors, the obese who want to be healthier, teenagers, former competitive athletes looking something to do, previous or currently injured people who want to not just “get back to normal”, but actually improve, and the elderly who are on the cusp of functional changes.

Why are you so expensive? Do you provide any discounts? 

We believe the services we provide are worth what we charge. We value our training and believe our rates are fairly priced given the attention to quality we strive to give. The majority of revenues go back to the facility and its athletes, and in continuing to provide a solid training program. You can think of it as a personal training co-op! We offer discounts for domestic partners, active military, and first responders (must have proof of employment), full time educators & a restricted membership for full time students. Email us for more information.

If pricing is your primary concern shop around for a CrossFit gym here!

Is it really possible to get a great workout in those short times (5 to 15 minutes)?

Yes, most definitely! If you would like to experience a sample class before joining us, please look at our calendar for one of our free Community CrossFit classes! Intensity and duration are connected: the higher the intensity, the shorter the workout (think of moving a car out of a ditch). The lighter the intensity, the longer the duration (think of a long run).

Isn’t squatting bad for the knees?

It can be, especially when you’re not doing them correctly. The pain people experience may come from lack of use, mobility issues, or previous injuries. There are many dangers in the kitchen like cutting yourself when using a knife but people learn how to use them safely. We want to provide an education in the gym that teaches and tests this movements pain-free.

Squatting should generally load the muscles of the hip and legs (in that order). This means that the feet stay completely flat, the hips and butt move back, and the back stays flat. Any forward deviation and you load the knees, which could result in pain- or even worse- injury.

So should I buy minimalist shoes and wear them all the time?

Not necessarily. Just like any other tool, you need to know how to use it properly. That, and it takes time to develop your body to prevent/avoid injury.

If you are transitioning we suggest only wearing them when you workout. After your body builds strength in the proper musculature then you can start using them for longer runs, etc.

Should I take supplements?

First, remember that supplements are in addition to, not in replacement of. Be more concerned about your nutrition, rest/recovery/sleep and your training.

Can people work out on their own? Do you have “open gym”?

No. Fitness instruction cannot occur when athletes are picking and choosing their own work. It can also disrupt the flow of the gym’s programming. The weekly agenda is shared at the beginning of every week.

Do you train others to be coaches?

Yes. If you are interested in eventually becoming an instructor please talk with Andrew and Tony in person! It all starts with being an athlete in the gym yourself!

Does CrossFit HQ determine what you teach? How you run your gym?

No, CrossFit HQ does not determine how we do anything. Fortunately they have set us up as affiliates- not a franchise. This means that every CF facility you come across with independantly-owned and comes up with their own business practices and training methodologies. The size of the facility, the style of training, the preference of exercises, hours, prices, etc. are determined by themselves. Each of the 5000+ CrossFit gyms are unique in their own way.


How long are classes?

Approximately one hour and we do our best to start and end on time.

How are classes structured?

Our usual program involves a warm-up, skill session, a workout and a cool down, usually including some mobility work like stretching or SMR (self-myofascial release). Some people will also work on skills, or “grease the groove”, before and after class.

An example:

0:00-0:15 greeting, warmup and introductions.
0:15-0:25 skill work or strength work.
0:25-0:30 workout (WOD) explanation and preparation
0:30-0:50 conditioning workout
0:50-1:00 cool down and mobility

Can I drop in?

Yes and no. Yes, if you have been CrossFitting regularly (3 month+) at another affiliate or at home. No, if you don’t have experience attending CrossFit classes. For reasons of safety and proper education, we cannot open our regular CrossFit classes to non-experienced athletes. Our trainers have the right to refuse participation for any non-experienced persons.

It wouldn’t be fair to our current athletes in class if we have to spend time working and teaching the basics to someone completely new, and that’s why we have an introductory program to fill in that prerequisite knowledge. Check out the “How to Join” section of our FAQ.

Do you have open gym? Can I work out on my own?

There is NO open gym. If you are a member, you can spend time mobilizing your tight tissues quietly on the side, but there is no free use of equipment for exercise. Cleared athletes in our specialty programs such as Strength, CompEx, and Endurance have programmed work to complete outside of CrossFit classes.

What are these Specialty Classes? 

We have a handful that we offer: HellaFit, Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning, Skills, Mobility, & Endurance Club. These generally include extra work in place, or more likely, on top of your normal CrossFit classes. These count as a class and RSVP must be made using the ZenPlanner system.

If you keep your eye on the calendar then sometimes we host special Intensive workshop and classes. During these hours we focus on either one skill or skills surrounding one piece of apparatus.

I’m injured. Can I still attend class?

If you experience an injury, whether in our classes or outside the gym, we recommend that you see a qualified medical professional.

The CrossFit methodology prides itself on it’s ability to scale and modify as needed. First, you must understand your injury, why it occurred, how to avoid causing further damage, and what you can do to continue exercise. Our coaches are well prepared to provide you substitutions that are geared to your needs, with proper restrictions. While your new modified workout might not look the same, the importance of movement will assist in the healing process.

I’d like to request a special celebratory workout!

Great! We are happy to provide special WODs to commemorate special occasions, but with the huge influx of requests we sometimes find ourselves unable to stick to our intended programming. So here’s the one-for-one exchange: Send Andrew the request at least a month out from the requested date and we would love to have a testimonial written that we can use on our blog, about your experience with CrossFit and our business. That way, when we do post up a workout, we’ll be able to spotlight you in our social outlets. If you’d like to use a different outlet like Yelp! or facebook reviews, etc. that would be fantastic.

Have a question? Email us.


CrossFit Billing Policies
  • CrossFit memberships are billed via automatic recurring charge each month only.
  • With 7 days advanced notice of the 1st of the month, we will place an account hold for a minimum of 2+ consecutive weeks for travel or illness. Requests must be emailed to
  • Membership cancellations require 7 days notice before the 1st of the month. There are no contracts. There will be no refunds issued once transactions have been processed.
  • Any billing discrepancies will be resolved on the next billing cycle. Thank you for your patience. There will be a $25 processing fee for any other uncommon requests.
  • We cannot retroactively credit your account for “missed” or unused classes. Think of it like internet service – you use it for the month or you don’t.
  • Our domestic partner discount must be entirely under the “Primary’s” account and will be charged for the multiple memberships.
  • Discounts will only be issued with proper proof of employment/education directly with our management.
When does the autopay run?

Our autopays run on the 1st of every month.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash (for drop-ins only), ACH, debit, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). We DO NOT accept American Express.

What about changing my membership frequency?

If you use up all your classes in a month, you can either pay the drop-in fee for additional classes or upgrade immediately by emailing us.

You can downgrade memberships (6x/week, 3x/week, 2x/week), provided you meet our 7-day notification requirement. You must make your request in writing to Downgrades are effective for the next month membership.

Do you provide discounts?

Only to military, law enforcement, first responders. Must provide proof. We offer a family discount rate. Email us for more details.

How do I cancel?

Please email us. We require 7 days notice before the 1st for any account changes or cancellations. There are no contracts. CrossFit memberships are month to month.

Why did you charge me when I already asked for an adjustment!!?

Things don’t always go as planned since we are using an out-of-the-box billing system. We’ll do our best to fix it. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your bank statements and email confirmations to make sure everything was properly charged. We can make adjustments on the first day of the month (our automatic billing date).

Can I keep a tab at the gym for other purchases like apparel, athletic tape, mobility tools, jumprope, etc?

Yes. Look for the signing sheet.


Do you offer a free trial class? Or an orientation? How am I suppose to know if CrossFit is the right for me?

If you would like to experience a sample class before joining us, please look at our calendar for one of our free Community CrossFit classes! We schedule them a few weeks before we begin our on-ramp Foundations Program. We’ll introduce you to our methodology, our community, and CrossFit. We will keep the workouts approachable and relatively non-technical, but most importantly, fun! These classes are for experienced & non-experienced CrossFit Athletes. It is a great way to check out our gym, our coaches, and our community!

“I’ve been CrossFitting elsewhere”, etc… Do I still have to do an orientation/ movement checklist?

Yes. It is important to us to get to know our athletes. We also want to outline the Why, What and How to our program. All CrossFit facilities are not created equally. Some bias gymnastics, some weightlifting (Olympic lifting and/or powerlifting). Others will focus on the endurance sports and a handful work on being equally rounded. We want to ensure that our athletes understand what we focus on and how we accomplish tasks.

How do I prepare for the Community CrossFit class/ Foundations Program?

First all, make sure you are hydrated. Most people today are chronically dehydrated. We believe that sedentary people need to be drinking 64 ounces daily at minimum!

Also we want everyone to have eaten well sometime prior to working out. You can’t drive a Mercedes Benz to it’s potential on an empty tank.

What do I need to bring to the Community CrossFit Class/ Foundations Program?

Clothes to workout in. We have a bathroom and changing rooms for you to change in and cubbies for you to store your personal items. Bringing water and a towel would be helpful too.


How do I RSVP?

Zen Planner is our billing and class RSVP system. Each member has a Zen Planner profile and we ask all members to RSVP to the classes they plan on attending.

What happens if I don’t RSVP for class?

If you a member of the gym you will be subject to an exercise penalty, and will not have priority on the equipment/workout. In cases where the class has reached capacity, you will not be allowed to participate in class. You may RSVP for an upcoming class and spend your time mobilizing.

We have limited square footage and we’d like to keep our trainer-to-athlete ratio very small. It’s one of few responsibilities we ask of you. It’s also respectful to those who RSVP every time.


Do you have bathrooms?

Yes. Three.

Do you have showers?

Just one. Please bring your own towel and toiletry kit, and take it home with you. We do not provide towel service.

Is there parking available?

No dedicated parking. There is metered street parking all around the area and free 2-hour parking a few blocks away (East of 12th).

Can I park my bike somewhere safely?

You can park your bike in the gym. We have dedicated bike hooks for vertical storage on the ramp. When placing your bike in the gym, we suggest locking it up. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What kind of equipment do you have?

Enough of the stuff we need. You can think of our facility as a big playpen for big kids. We have barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells ranging from 8kg to 32kg, bumper plates and steel plates, gymnastics rings, medicine balls, jump ropes, double dutch ropes, Concept 2 Rowers, glute-ham developers, a reverse hyper, auto tires for dragging, sledgehammers, jump stretch bands, Anaconda chains, ab-mats, weight-vests, Rogue Fitness yokes, dowels, Schwinn AirDynes climbing ropes, racks, an assortment of SMR tools (rumble rollers, lacrosse balls, Theracanes, rolling pins, Rubz, etc.) a pullup bar cage and plenty more.


When is the workout posted?

We schedule the workout to show up at 7pm the night prior. Some days the WOD may not be posted, but hey, that’s life!

Is there any rhyme/reason to the gym’s programming?

This is the quick and dirty version of what we strive to provide, but we do believe in a more focused training protocol. We’re not going to throw random-ass workouts at you because you’ll burn out if you’re not dying of boredom first.

Programming is based off of four-week cycles:

Week 1

Acquisition Week: our focus is on developing skills and introducing new ones. Expect time to play and the instructors to hound you on correct technique execution.

Week 2

Volume Week: increased reps and intensity with the skills you’ve been introduced to from the week prior, along with the mainstays of our CrossFit program. Expect to get sweaty, sore, and generally fatigued.

Week 3

Deload Week: a recovery/preparation week designed with a medium level of intensity. Our goal is to really focus on form, strategy, and preparation for next week.

Week 4

Max Week: we will throw you through a battery of tests (some new, some old) as well as put you through weightlifting, cardiovascular, and skill trials to see if you’ve improved upon previous performances.

Though everything is subject to change…


Can you tell me what the workout will be tomorrow?

It will be posted, but CrossFit is about being able to do the known, unknown and unknowable.

What are my responsibilities as an athlete?
  1. Work hard! Have fun!
  2. RSVP for class.
  3. Stay safe- listen to your body, NOT your ego

Other than that, we’re pretty relaxed about things.

Ahh! My hands hurt.

I’m a lady and I don’t want to be big and bulky lifting weights.

Unless you produce/supplement with the hormones that men do, you won’t have to worry. Stronger does not mean bigger. See:


Who’s responsible for the content?

It is a collaboration between all of our coaches and staff.

What are all of these acronyms and abbreviations?

  • WOD = Workout of the Day
  • AMRAP = ‘as many rounds as possible’ or ‘as many reps as possible’
  • BW = body weight
  • C2 = Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer
  • C2B = chest-to-bar
  • C2W = chest-to-wall
  • K2E = knees-to-elbows
  • KB = kettlebell
  • kg / # = kilograms/pounds
  • PR = personal record
  • Rx = “as prescribed”, meaning you performed the work exactly as it was intended
  • subbed = “substituted”, meaning you needed to change something to fit your needs.
  • SupeRx = beyond what is prescribed.
  • T2B = toes-to-bar
  • T2R = toes-thru-rings/toes-to-rings
  • TGU = Turkish get-up
  • 5RM/3RM/1RM = your 5, 3, or 1-repetition maximum
  • HBD = Happy Birthday


I love the idea of CrossFit, but your facility isn’t convenient for me. Any recommendations?

The following is a list of CrossFit affiliates in the surrounding area. Check out for a cool googlemap of all the affiliates worldwide.

The affiliates that we know and trust with programming are


Level 4 CrossFit Seattle (Ballard)
Urban CrossFit (South Lake Union/Dexter)
Xplore CrossFit (Downtown)
Morgan Junction CrossFit (West Seattle)
CrossFit Loft (West Seattle)
CrossFit Belltown (Belltown)
Elliot Bay CrossFit (Belltown)
CrossFit 206 (Leschi)
Rocket CrossFit (Hillman City)

North End

Local’s Gym / Lynnwood CrossFit (Lynnwood)
CrossFit Advantage (Lynnwood)
CrossFit Industrious (Lynnwood)
CrossFit Paramount (Shoreline/Mountlake Terrace)


CrossFit Bellevue
Lake Hills CrossFit
Eastside Strength & Conditioning (Redmond/Bellevue)
Western Pacific CrossFit (Kirkland)
Cascade CrossFit (Issaquah)
SnoRidge CrossFit (Snoqualmie)


Kitsap CrossFit (Poulsbo)
CrossFit Outcome (Bainbridge Island)

South End

Rainier CrossFit (Puyallup)
Tacoma Strength & Conditioning / CrossFit Tacoma
Trident Athletics / CrossFit South Tacoma


I want to start building a home gym- any ideas?

Of course! We believe you should start with a relatively heavy kettlebell, then a pair of rings, then finally a barbell (in that order).

Other great resources: