Level 2 (L2)

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Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death.


-Chris Spealler

The Level 2 class offers more advanced and challenging training, developing capacity for functional fitness competition and more.

These advanced classes are designed to develop our competitive CrossFit athletes and offers more challenging training. The goal is to develop and master the more complex CrossFit skills (muscle-up, handstand pushup, pistol (one-legged squat), etc), while following a more demanding program. Most of the programming for this class is structured around the sport of CrossFit, but is still an option for those who want a greater workload.  The prerequisites for this class include testing out by completing 20 of the 40 following movement and work prerequisites verified by our Director of Training:

Level 2 Prereqs v5click here to download/print a PDF – FCF Level 2 Prerequisites 2015 – v5

The document above isn’t intended as a same-day test, but rather an ongoing check-off sheet as you build your experience. Level 2 isn’t just about ability- it’s about experience and longevity in CrossFit training, however every 3 months or so on a weekend we could have Skill Level Tests if the demand is high enough.

Having access to the Level 2 classes does not mean that you exclusively attend those classes. Most of you don’t have a perfect 40 of 40 prerequisites, so continue attending CrossFit classes with your friends, Kettlebell class for unilateral and odd-object strength and skills, HellaFit for core and conditioning, and Skills class (formerly known as Fundamentals) to increase your work and skill capacity.

Classes are on Saturdays at 10am and are two hours long. There are no make-up days and no open gym. During the week, doubling/tripling up and taking a blend of regular CrossFit classes, Barbell Club, HellaFit, or Mobility will prepare you for the level of training intensity of L2.

The L2 classes do not require an upgrade in membership, but you must be cleared to join in. You still RSVP for your class. 50-burpee violation penalty is still intact!


The sheets will also be available for all athletes in the gym. Feel free to take one (from the office), fill it out, and turn it back in. If you are interested in joining or testing your skills for the Level 2 CrossFit classes, please talk to Andrew!