Whether you have been a CrossFit athlete for a month or for years, you know what it feels like to have your performance limited by restrictions in mobility, flexibility and improper movement patterns. Often we get so focused on strength and conditioning that our stretching and mobility work gets put last on the priority list. Pretty soon you start to plateau because you can’t lock out that heavy weight overhead because of shoulder and upper back immobility or you skip the overhead squats because there is just no way you can get into that position. It’s time for all of that to change.

Here is what the mobility class can offer you:
  • Focus on recovering and preventing tight and sore muscles
  • Identify chronic areas of immobility and develop strategies for joint and tissue function recovery
  • Improve movement patterns
  • Increase blood flow and circulation
  • Develop body awareness and improve position and movement pattern awareness
The class will be programmed off of three general categories:
Weekly gym programming

Quads are sore from squatting every day? Having trouble sitting down? We can help recover tissues during volume week.

Future gym programming

Oh, we are testing our max clean and jerk next week? Would you like some tools to fix that broken overhead position so you can PR?

Individual limitations

What’s that you say? You skip class every time you see snatch on the blog because your immobility and dysfunctional movement patterns stop you from even visualizing a proper snatch? We can help.


You can use this class as a stand-alone or you can hit it after or before your WOD. Mobility counts as a class towards your monthly membership.

Mobility classes are open to the general public (aka non-members). Speciality Class Drop-in ($25 +tax), 5-Class Speciality Pass, and 10-Class Speciality Pass are available.

Email us for more information!