We offer a free community class, open to anyone who is interested in learning more about CrossFit workouts and methodology. This session includes a warmup, a simplified workout, and a cooldown, to introduce you to our regular CrossFit program. If you want to see what CrossFit might be like, this is a great place to get started. Click here to sign up for a free class.

Once you have completed this class and want more, we offer 3 entry options to join our regular program:

PERSONAL TRAINING –  $85/session

We offer a personal training program to teach all the fundamental movements of our CrossFit Program. This is our default option when there are no group Foundations Program courses scheduled. The speed of this course depends on the ability of the athlete and generally requires a minimum of 5 sessions. For the average athlete, we typically see completion of the program in 6-8 sessions. Covered topics include:

• Gymnastic/body-weight exercises, mid-line stabilization exercises, plyometric movements, Olympic Weightlifting and powerlifting movements, kettlebell movements;
• A general understanding of the musculoskeletal biomechanics associated with/involved in the functional exercises;
• Awareness of general flexibility and/or mobility restrictions which could potentially impede progress;
• Basic soft-tissue maintenance tools essential for remaining limber, healthy, and injury-free.

Email us to start your Private Training Program.

*All prices listed subject to sales tax.

FOUNDATIONS (ON-RAMP) PROGRAM – $275 full 4-week course | $100 first week

For those with 0 to 6 months CrossFit experience, we offer our Foundations Program (also known as On-Ramp) as a precursor to the regular CrossFit regimen. If you are new to exercise or our style of training, you will benefit from our detailed teaching approach. At Foundation CrossFit, we emphasize mechanics, consistency, and then intensity.

The complete Foundations Program is a 4-week, 12-class course for $275. Take the first 3 classes for $100. This sample week is to introduce you to our CrossFit methodologies, mechanics, and movements that we use in our ongoing group classes. We start with relatively non-technical movements in the first week and graduate to the more progressively complicated movements in the proceeding weeks. The information throughout the 4 week course is cumulative. After the completion of the first week, you have the option of completing the remaining classes in the course for an additional $175.

Throughout the course we expose you to all the fundamental movements and exercises that we use in our regular group classes. We will train you on proper exercise mechanics and techniques at relatively light loads. You will become consistent with those mechanics under the watchful eye of our coaches. Finally, you will learn how to bring up the intensity to increase your capacity for the normal classes.

Completion of our 4-week Foundations Program, or the equivalent, is required in order to join our regular CrossFit classes. Upon completion of our full program you will be eligible for our current monthly rates and our full schedule will be available to you.

As we have designed this to be a fundamental learning series, we ask that athletes interested attend all classes during the 4 weeks of the program. We will offer a make-up class at the end of the series for $25. Enrollment is limited – no refunds will be given for missing the series or missing classes.

Click here to register for our Foundations Program.

*All prices listed subject to sales tax.


*For those with less than 6 months of experience, we suggest joining our Foundations Program.* Our Experienced Athlete Transfer process is for athletes with previous CrossFit experience at other CrossFit affiliates. Please email us if you would like to get started and include how long you have been doing CrossFit as well as the name of your home box. Our Experienced CrossFit Athlete Week is $125 and includes a week of classes as well as your Orientation and Movement Checklist.

The purpose of the Movement Checklist is to have you demonstrate the fundamental movements that we use in our gym. We expect all incoming athletes to have the same level of understanding as our graduating Foundations athletes. If the Movement Checklist has not been completed at the end of the introductory week, an additional week will be offered at our visitor rate of $75/week. Personal Training Sessions may be required prior to entering regular classes ($85/ hour + tax, per session).

*All prices listed subject to sales tax.