The CrossFit program is a strength and conditioning system based on constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a relative high intensity. It simultaneously incorporates gymnastics, metabolic conditioning (“cardio”), powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting into one exercise routine.

For those with less than 6 months CrossFit experience we offer our Foundations Program as a precursor to our regular CrossFit classes. This is our on-ramp series dedicated to teaching the fundamental movements and concepts that will be utilized in our regular CrossFit classes.

Our regular CrossFit monthly rates are as follows:

CrossFit Pricing 2015

Are you a full time student? Send us an email if you are interested in learning about our discounted Restricted Student Membership.

All CrossFit memberships include access to our Specialty Classes. All Specialty Classes count towards your class allotment for the month and require RSVP. The Specialty Class Pass is not applicable towards CrossFit classes.



We love having experienced CrossFit athletes from other CrossFit gyms. Please take a look at our class schedule and email us to let us know which class you plan on attending so that we can alert our trainers. We offer a $5 discount on our t-shirts to visitors, and a free t-shirt to those who drop in for a week!


Visitor Pricing 2015