Our Speciality Non-CrossFit Classes are open to the public. You do not have to be a CrossFit Athlete or a member of Foundation CrossFit to attend these classes. Our Speciality Classes include HellaFit, Kettlebell, Mobility, Skills, and Endurance Club.

Specialty Class Pricing

We offer our Speciality Class Pass which is a virtual pre-paid punch card sold in 5 class and 10 class increments. The Specialty Class Pass is not applicable for CrossFit classes. You can purchase our 5-Class Speciality Pass and 10-Class Speciality Pass here.

If you are interested in our One Class Drop-in, please take a look at our class schedule (HellaFit, Kettlebell, Mobility, Skills, and Endurance Club) and email us to let us know which class (day & time) you plan on attending so that we know to expect you.

If it is your first visit, in addition to emailing us in advance, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out a waiver.

As a Speciality Class Pass holders you will have a profile in Zen Planner, our billing and RSVP system, and you will be required to RSVP to class.

Please review our Speciality Class Pass FAQs before purchasing. All sales are final.

*All prices listed subject to sales tax.