by Andrew B

fcf-20161012_0001the Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning class, who meet every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm

The kettlebell is definitely the first tool anyone should get if committed to starting fitness at home! Ask us for suggestions- loading matters depending on the level of your fitness as well as your fitness goals.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 10/20

for quality, ascending in reps, every minute on the minute for 15 minutes: 3 kettlebell snatches per side, then

21-15-9 reps of
kettlebell thrusters
400m run

Choose a bell of the appropriate challenge- single, double, light, heavy, you choose!

Post attendance to whiteboard!

Pullup Strength Development: 4(1,2,1)

HellaFit WOD


10 min AMRAP:
– 10 burpee box jumps
– 10 lunges
– 10 ring or bent over rows

8 min AMRAP:
– 5 front squats
– 3 push presses

12 min EMOM:
– 40-sec max effort KBS


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by Andrew B

from the archives, here’s an classic CrossFit workout featuring an OG “Nasty Girl” Annie Sakamoto:

CrossFit WOD for 28JUN2016

20-second handstand, 20-second rest, for a long time, then

press 5×1
push press 5×3
push jerk 5×5

for 10 minutes:
200m farmer’s walk, as heavy as possible
20 russian twists

HellaFit WOD


Starts out as an EMOM for 10 minutes. Add one rep for each movement until the full complex cannot be completed within the minute. Then it becomes YGIG with a partner or 1-min/1-min work/rest for 20 minutes.

– front squat
– 1 set of lunges
– push press
– bent over row

Foundation Institute of Training & Technique: Law of Shoulder Strength & Applied Sciences

First we will test shoulder mobility, assign mobility homework, then cover the CROSSOVER SYMMETRY and try 4 different routines on it before discussing (then testing) how it translates back into the CrossFit workouts.

Endurance Club – 6:30pm at the track (or leave FCF at 6:20pm)

Remember: our Tuesday runs are for everyone and anyone is welcome! No membership required.


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2015 CrossFit Liftoff Powered By Rogue

Over the past eight years, the CrossFit Games have evolved from a backyard competition – in 2007, anyone could show up and participate! – into a huge event backed by a worldwide community. As CrossFit itself has grown, we as a community have become more serious about weightlifting* and our talent pool has deepened**; today, the CF community has some seriously talented weightlifters in its ranks. In 2015, the average snatch amongst regional competitors was 116kg/256lbs for men and 73kg/161lbs. for women! (If you want more sweet, sweet data on the evolution of the Games athlete, check out this post.)

CrossFit, Inc. and Rogue Fitness are celebrating this talent with their first ever online weightlifting competition, the 2015 CrossFit Liftoff, running from this Thursday, Nov 5th at 5pm to Monday, Nov 9th at 5pm. In addition to max snatch and clean+jerk, the competition will also include a test of “general physical preparedness,” to be released on Thursday (almost certainly some sort of metcon, this is CrossFit after all). On the line are cash and Rogue equipment prizes for the best snatch, best clean+jerk, best total, and best overall score.

Best of the Breast 2015_0080

Traditionally, a weightlifting meet is run according to strict rules and time limits: each athlete has at most three attempts at each of the snatch and clean & jerk, with one minute to start the lift from the moment they are called to the platform (two minutes if the athlete lifts twice in a row). If an athlete misses a lift, he or she makes the next attempt at the same (or greater) weight – the weight on the bar is never reduced. Came out too strong and miss your attempt? Too bad, you have to try that weight again… or go up in weight. Athletes lift in order of increasing attempted weight – it can be beneficial to add a kilo to the attempt just to get a little more resting time. It’s a test of strategy as much as skill!***

When we run a weightlifting meet, such as the Total in our recent Best of the Breast event, it’s a much more casual (but no less exciting!) affair. Typically, we group our athletes roughly based on strength/experience levels, assign each group to a barbell and a copious amount of weight, and start a countdown clock. Add weight, remove it, take an extra attempt, take some extra rest – that’s on you to decide for yourself and communicate to your group. We as the organizers don’t keep track of your attempts; we only want to know your heaviest completed lift at the end of the time limit. The idea came from CrossFit Football’s #OccupyStrength events.

That all being said THAT is how we at FCF will be running the CrossFit Liftoff for fun this weekend- no official registration required. Join us in regular classes this Saturday 11/7 where we’ll be testing your Olympic Weightlifting Total (max snatch, max clean & jerk) plus the to-be-released workout. We’ll be doing all of this within the regular one hour block; there will be no change to class schedule this weekend.

Want to see where you stack up against other people worldwide? Register officially for the event here.


* 120lbs/54kg was the average of the snatch for a lady at the 2009 CrossFit Games. Katrin Davidsdottir, this winner of the 2015 CrossFit Games can snatch 187lbs/85kg. I mean, they don’t even just do one lift with unlimited rest anymore.

** CrossFit among other philosophies have helped the sport of weightlifting grow so much that the USAW had to change its policies!

*** Not only are meets strength and skill, but confidence! Ask anyone who has done an official or mock meet, it’s nerve-racking and weights you can usually hit in training feel that much more difficult when on the spot!

Deload Week 5/11 through 5/16

2015 03 FCF-15


Depth: do you have it? Brett does.


– EMOM hang snatch, hang clean
– push press/pullup
– back squat 60×10, 65×8, 70×6, 75×6, 80×6
– front squat 60×5, 70×5, 75x5x2
– run/power clean/pushup
– muscle-up development
– core work
– back squat 60×10, 70×8, 75×8, 80×8
– front squat 60×5, 65×5, 70x5x2
– SLU: rope climbs/double unders
– FCF: kettlebell swings/double unders
CrossFit Games Regionals 2015 – Individual Event 3
– tag team workout!

We hope the 1st week of the HATCH SQUAT CYCLE felt good. We’re in Week 2 and are ready for more!



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“Recording artist Rick Ross has taken up CrossFit, and the 38-year-old rapper says training and an improved diet have benefitted him in several ways.

“Being in better shape, it affects everything,” Ross says. “Of course your health. Of course your psyche, your confidence.”

Ross recently released his seventh album, “Hood Billionaire,” and he’s up for a pair of Grammy Awards for his work on two other projects. Trainer Garret Fisher, fifth-place finisher at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, says Ross’ progress fires him up.

“Every day when we work out, (Ross) definitely pushes his limits … and it shows,” Fisher says.

As a frequent traveler, Ross has limited opportunities to work out and appreciates CrossFit’s intensity and minimal time commitment.

“We come out here, we get it in, we feel good,” Ross says of his training, which takes place primarily in his backyard.

Watch as CrossFit Inc. journalist Sevan Matossian follows Ross, who says he uses CrossFit to start each day “like a boss.”

Video by Sevan Matossian.”