Athlete Spotlight: Dave T. (3/3)


When & where did you take your last vacation?
We went to Seabrook for the week before Thanksgiving. Easy living and hanging with my gals. This summer I rode mountain bikes in Squamish and Whistler.

Do you have a favorite place to travel to?
Brooklyn, Door County,WI, SF or Miami to see fam or Hawaii for chill and Whistler for the yearly bro trip.

What’s your favorite place to go out for dinner?
We’re regulars at BaBar and love Revel in Fremont. You can usually find me at The Dray in Ballard on Wednesday nights drinking Rainier tallboys.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
I asked Ellison and she said “I would like to be able to shoot spikes and lava out of my hands and would also like my eyes to have powers in them to help people get what they want, they would tell me and her my eyes would envision them and it would appear in front of them.”



As a kid, what was your ideal dream job?
I wanted to make art in some way, so that worked out. Though I still have dreams of having a barn studio, no clients and just making whatever feels right.

What are your top three favorite movies?
This is an impossible question, so I’m only giving you one: ROCKY 1 – because anything you need to learn in life can be learned in that movie.

Do you have a power song? What gets you pumped up?
Also impossible, but Raekwon’s “Criminology” is the archetype.

Any fun facts about yourself that your gym-mates don’t know about you?
Growing up I was the captain of the swim team, I swam the mile and have a black belt in tae kwon do.

What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in?
I party in the woods on my mountain bike or snowboard and goof off with my fam.

Quote to live by?
Feels good, let’s go!
Keep it Wack!

Who inspires you?
Wifey. Rae is jadeproof. The world can’t bring her down.


*Oh and the pic of Bono and I is a pic of a Bono look-a-like and I.

Athlete Spotlight: Dave T. (2/3)



Since you started CrossFit, have you changed your nutrition? How was it before and what do you do now?
Yes. I basically went from unconscious nutrition to conscious nutrition. I go back and forth between being strict paleo (25 unbroken kipping pull-ups Dave) and not at all strict paleo (5 unbroken kipping pull-ups Dave), but now I’m consciously deciding to do one or the other.

Do you have a favorite exercise movement? Least favorite?
I love heavy-ish hang power cleans in a WOD, American style kettlebell swings and really dig the rhythm of kettlebell snatches. Basically staying in one place and moving heavy things around.

I am not cool with Handstands.

What’s your most recent PR?
I haven’t a proper PR in a while, because I’ve been recovering from some injuries. But my post injury PR’s are happening constantly, latest was an overhead squat at 65kg. Which was huge as my knee is regaining mobility/stability.

Do you check the workout before coming in or do you just show up?
I never used to check, in fact when I started the WOD’s didn’t get posted until after they were done. I liked that, I couldn’t make excuses for skipping something I’m not good at. I started looking after getting hurt last year, so I could use my days in the gym wisely. Also some days, I’ve just got excuses.

If you were to have encouragement or advice for new people trying CrossFit, what would you say?
Trust the process and the programming. Don’t be hard on yourself or compare yourself to your gym mates, just do you. Work hard, be consistent, eat better and you’ll get results. Have fun.

What fitness goals have you set for yourself to achieve in 2016?
2016 was all about getting over injuries. My goal was to not be broken, heal up my knee in order to regain the mobility and strength I lost. Staying motivated has been really difficult so was being smart and stopping a lift when I felt a little wobble in my knee. I’m finally getting back to the point where I can do most movements pain-free, though there are some like the Push Jerk, that I have mental block against.

In 2017, I want to get back to rx box jumps, a routine 100+kg clean and pr a strict press at 95kg.



Athlete Spotlight: Dave T. (1/3)



Where are you from/where do you consider home?

I was born in Queens, NY. Grew up in Miami, which is where I consider home. Went to art school in Savannah, GA, spent some time in Baltimore and then almost a decade in Madison, WI, which is where I met my wife Rachael.

What do you do for work?

I own a Creative agency with my partner Gabe. We’re both creative directors and create content, advertising and branding for companies that are making the world a better, smarter or radder place.

Do you have a favorite part about your job?

It’s constantly new. Being a consultant I’m always meeting new people, learning new industries and traveling to new places. I can just be plain fun, coming up with ideas that will help a business succeed by being culturally relevant, sometime those ideas are playful, like making a cat video with Macklemore or sometimes they are simply something powerful we can all rally around like the “Lift Heavy, Love Strong” shirt I designed for FCF.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

Saturday starts when, Ruby our 2yr old wakes up a little too early, asking for a banana and usually pops into bed with us. If we’re lucky she falls back to sleep and I roll over onto said half eaten banana. Then COFFEE. Then it’s off to the woods for a fam bike ride (it’s the coolest thing ever to teach your kid to ride a bike!), mushroom foraging mission or getting in a Saturday WOD and bopping around the hill until dinner time. Then it’s bath time (for me, rose petals, white wine and candles, every Saturday night.) Heh, it’s a bubble bath for the girls, then drawing or story time.


Sunday starts when, Ruby our 2yr old wakes up a little too early, asking for a banana and usually pops into bed with us. If we’re lucky she falls back to sleep and I roll over onto said half eaten banana. I usually to get a few hours of mental therapy and ride my bike in the woods. Then we’ll have dinner with friends or head out eat.

Tell us about how you got into CrossFit!
I graduated FCF foundations program April 2011, SHOUT OUT TO AMY COTLOW!

CrossFit was not on my radar before walking by FCF 3.0 a bunch of times. It had this rugged grimy look, which reminded me of Apollo’s gym* in LA from Rocky 3, where Apollo gives Rocky the Eye of the Tiger speech:

before Rocky beats Clubber Lang

(who in my opinion is the 2nd best villain in movie history, props to Darth Vader in the #1 spot).

I finally walked down the parking lot hill to find out what that place was all about and 93 til’ infinity was playing and I was sold.
Though in reality it’s a bunch of people body rolling to Beyoncé.

What was your experience in joining our gym?
It’s been an integral part my family’s life since moving to Seattle 6 years ago. Both of my kids have been raised at fcf/slu in 1-2 hour periods, 3-5 times a week. Which I love, because they get to see people of all shapes, sizes, colors from all over the globe working hard to better themselves.


599052_10101854934747798_424797578_nEllison, 2013

12716331_1033548563383740_323176176440126806_oRuby, 2016