VERSUS 9 Recap!

by Andrew B


What a fun Saturday! We started that week with about 25 registered participants, but with the help of our fantastic captains Cheryl C of Team Snatching Trophies, Julia of Team HYFR Squad, and Ali of Team GI Bro we had doubled over to above 50 athletes on game day. Here’s what went down:


Inspired by the Klokov Power Weekend we had 20 minutes to find a 1RM hang snatch, 20 minutes to find a 1RM thruster (or cluster since we cleaned it from the ground), and 20 minutes to find a 1RM rack jerk.

Many PRs were had. Lots of juice in the gym! Even when someone plugged in Christmas songs into the VERSUS 9 playlist.


Our throw downs are a bit different in that we don’t want to just find strength or stamina or endurance. CrossFit was based off continuing to improve not three but TEN general fitness skills, coordination being one of them. Enter the Fish Game on the Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer: 4 minutes for max score. It’s a side scrolling game where you are fish going right, trying to eat all the smaller fish (gain points) and avoiding all the sharks (lose points). Unlimited lives. Plenty of strategy. Tons of fun.

These guys are clearly excited for VERSUS IX event 2: the fish game on the @concept2inc rower!

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I was surprised to find that many people in the gym had not yet played  the Fish Game (or even knew games on the rower existed), but that’s what happens when you cherry pick and skip the rowing days. Expect more programmed soon.


In the past we’ve been a little more competitive and required people not just to participate, but to judge other athletes. I wanted to get rid of doing that for ALL of the events, so I saved it just for this one. Turns out, it wasn’t really for judging as much as it was for counting.

#VERSUSthrowdown 9 Event 3: THE METCON

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Every 30 seconds for 7 minutes, athletes were to complete one round of 5 power cleans, 5 front squats, and 5 shoulder-to-overhead. The catch was that if they completed a round they only had a few seconds rest. If they didn’t complete the round, they couldn’t earn many points. It was an event of GRIT and everyone definitely proved they had it. Looking over the scoresheets some pretty cool strategies popped up as well. You might see this one in classes sometime soon.

and as always we had to throw a curveball your way


Limbo. We played limbo.


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Using the racks we had athletes walk under bars without knocking them out of the J-hooks with feet within feet (from profile), hips open, and chin behind shoulders. We had some pretty flexy folks get pretty damn low: Sarah M went lowest for the ladies while Patrick H went lowest for the gents.

So dope. You guys are the best.

I have the scores almost finished. This is what happens with someone not efficient in Excel working Excel.

CrossFit WOD for Skills Week Monday 12/5

– snatch 70% EMOM for 20 minutes, then
– clean & jerk 70% E90sec for 15 minutes, then
– bench press 6x5x65% of 1RM

Post loads used to the whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

clean & jerk
front squat
front lunge
accessories: HSPU, back extensions

Kettlebell S&C WOD

GFE Warmup



Strength day #9

18 reps a minute for 10 minutes


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Wednesday 3/30


EMOM for 30 minutes: pause snatch pull + hang snatch
then find a max back or front squat in 15 minutes


EMOM for 30 minutes: pause snatch pull + hang snatch + snatch balance
then find a max back or front squat in 15 minutes

Post results to comments!

movement patterns
banded hips, glutes, shoulders
Snatch Positional Stretches
Thacker A, B, C

establish a heavy snatch within 15 mintues

establish a heavy clean & jerk within 15 minutes

Superset, 3x
around the body pass, 10
figure 8 drill, 5

hit 3×3 prying goblet squats with curls (keep light for warm up)
then 3×3 overhead squat with curl

find a 3RM sumo-deadlift within 15 minutes


tabata two arm hang

forearm smash/wrist prep
quidditch stretch, 2 min/side

For prying goblet squats, goal is to open up the hips. For the curls, try not to move the elbows! Before going into the overhead squat with curl, warm up shoulders by doing TGU/shoulder stack prep. Set up feet/knees to TGU lunge set up, both hands down on the ground, keep midline tight, rotate torso to stack shoulders by extending on arm up overhead.

Just a quicky in the TGU prep. Camera angle bit wonky here but you get the picture. Torso rotation to stack shoulders: elbows locked (unless you are a hyperextended, then straight), shoulders packed, cervical rotation to make sure you aren't jamming your neck. What you can't see is 1) I'm pushing hard into the ground with my base hand (need upward force to eventually match that KB's downward force….oooooo video idea) 2) I'm using strength to mindfully keep my femur pointing 90 degrees-ish to the side 3) I'm consciously not turning this into sweeping, rib flaring, back arching dance move…in other words: use your core to keep ribs & pelvis in good alignment. Yes I'm working on mobility…but I'm also patterning what will become my loaded #tgu. Great place to practice breathing. #Strongfirst #kettlebell #kettlebelltraining #kettlebellexcercises #kettlebelltips #getstrong #girlswholift #strongchicks #personaltrainer #womenofmovement #trainlikeagirl #strength #movement #training #fitness #health #movebetter #strengthisanattitude #dubaikettlebells #dubaifitness #uaefitness #uaefitnessmovement #fittips #mobility #ownyourstrength #kultquicktips

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New warm up for next cycle (3 months):
5 minutes for joint mobility (neck, shoulders, arms, torso, ankles, hips) then spend 15-20 minutes to complete 3-5 rounds of 3-5 reps – rest 1-2 minutes after each round.
-cossack squat
-press, right
-press, left
-pull up

Goal is to gradually move up in weight for each movement. Kettlebells can be used for the deadlift, eventually can move to barbell for grip strength and moving more weight. Add kb for weight for cossack squat for force depth and ankle mobility, gradually move up in weight for presses, and pull ups should be unassisted and eventually weighted (if unassisted pull ups aren’t there, then mod to best scale to build strength to get there).

Monday 2/22

EMOM for 15 minutes: power snatch + snatch balance

7 rounds:
10 hand-release pushups
10 pullups
10 box jumps, 12/8″

Post heaviest snatch complex to comments!


– 5×1 at 80%

– 5×1 at 85%

– 4×1 at 75% 1RM CJ

– HR pushups
– pullups


S&S Day 23

20-15-10-5 reps for time:
kb lunge
kb russian twist

elevated samson stretch

Max Wednesday 5/20

with a running clock lift every minute on the minute then add weight:
– beginning with an empty bar HANG SNATCH for as long as possible
– when you can no longer hang snatch, HANG CLEAN for as long as possible

No more than 5 attempts at a particular weight. Jump in weight however you like, but lift EVERY minute.

Post maxes to comments!

2 rounds, 60sec/each:
– tib ant stretch
– wall calf stretch
– weighted pike stretch


– super pigeon, 1min/position/side

A. 5min of AirDyne, then

5 rounds of
5-7 box jump overs, 24/20″
5-7 ring dips (or negatives)
2 k2e + 2 t2B + 2 pullup + muscle-up (to be done consecutively- try rings today if you did the bar on Monday. if not, use the bar.)

B. do your squats! then

10 sets:
1 front lunge + 2 TnG split jerks. use racks.

C. strict handstand pushup work! let’s see how the headstand development has affected your hspu skill transfer

D. CompEx Session MetCon – 6:30pm at Foundation CrossFit