This year PRIDE is as important as ever with the recent events in Orlando. We honor those who fell victim in this senseless attack with a workout that celebrates unity:

Happy PRIDE weekend!

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 25JUN2016


in teams of 4, for time
49 box jumps, 24/20″ / 49 push press, 43/29kg
49 wall ball, 20/14# / 49 pullups
49 power cleans, 43/29kg / 49 med ball situps, 20/14#
49 thrusters, 43/29kg / 49 toes-to-bar
49 cal row / 49 kb swings, 24/16kg
49 synchronized burpees (all four teammates)

*49 min time cap

**Form two pairs in each team of four. Both pairs must complete 49 reps of each couplet before moving on to the next couplet. (AB complete 49 box jumps, CD complete 49 push press, AB does 49 push press, CD does 49 box jumps, when all reps are complete move onto next couplet, etc)

***Every member of team must complete 49 burpees together at the end

Level 2 WOD

– 5x2x80

– 1x1x80
– drop 15kg then 1×5

– 1x3x80
– drop 20kg then 3×5

3 rounds:
10 pushup + row
10 wide-grip pullups


KC GG OQ 16.3

12 minutes AMRAP:
12 chest-to-bar pullups
8 deadlifts, 111/75kg
12 handstand pushups
8 deadlifts, 111/75kg



5 rounds:
500m at moderate pace,
200m at 2k PR pace
200m at easy pace

Total: 4500m

Workout Pacing: The moderate pace must be faster than your 2k PR pace plus 12sec/500m. The fast pace must be faster than your 2k PR pace or faster. The easy pace is athletes choice.

Workout Focus: This is a continuous 4500m rowing workout. Make every effort to stay seated. Your intensity focus must target the 200m fast intervals. Your average pace/500m in these intervals must be faster than your 2k PR pace.


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