Lots of Repeats

by Andrew B

barbellclub-oct2016am-10Zheng W

Yesterday at VERSUS 9 we hit The Total again: this time maxing out a hang snatch, a thruster, and a rack jerk. All three of these movements end showing the overhead position in complete control.

The overhead position is important in it’s skill transfer ability to the handstand. Locking out the knees and hips, squeezing the abs to keep the back flat, opening the shoulder, and pressing the arms to full lockout of the elbow are present in both upright and upside down positions.

CrossFit WOD for Skills Sunday 12/4

handstand development, then

CGO 15.5

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
row (calories)

Scaled = 29/20kg, Rx = 43/29kg, Performance = 2×20/12kg kettlebells

Compare to 31JUL2016 or 05FEB2016. Post time to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD


Descending rep ladder 12-1:
box jumps/step-ups

Ascending rep ladder 1-12:
front squats
push presses


+ Overcoming Fear of Handstands – Gymnastic Bodies


by Andrew B

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First posted on on 29SEP2010.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 11/23

handstand development, then


AMRAP in 20 minutes:
10 push press, 52/38kg
10 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
10 box jumps, 24/20″

Post score to whiteboard.

Barbell Club WOD – Test Week

– establish a heavy power clean
– establish a heavy power jerk
– establish a heavy deadlift
– establish your max plank, 25/15kg

Kettlebell S&C WOD

ground force exploration


+ Episode 10: Hips Shooting Up, Knees Out vs Knees Back, Weightlifting Shoes & Coaching vs Lifting – Catalyst Athletics’ Weightlifting Life Podcast

| HANDSTAND KICKUP| #cfg lead coach @pamelagnon runs us through a #handstand Drill to figure out how to control your kickup ・・・ Why do gymnast know how to control handstands so well? Not only do they master being inverted but they spend a ton of time on “kick-up” training. 1️⃣measure body like video (mark at hip and ankle 2️⃣start at “starting line” in tight hollow stance 3️⃣lunge to next line (hip) and open shoulders angle – lunge should be nice and deep 4️⃣kick up slow – let back foot get high and balanced then bring front foot up to meet it. 5️⃣”grip” the floor w hands to gain balance and eyes should gaze in front of hands (so you have a focus point to balance) 6️⃣return the same way!! Now go get #gymnasty👊🏼 #cfgymnastics #crossfit #crossfittraining #mastersgamesathlete @cfgymnastics @crossfittraining

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Standing On Hands

by Andrew B

Lyndsey HSLyndsey F

Balancing on your hands well require great hand control- just like when you are standing on your feet. When standing on your feet your toes make multiple loading corrections helping you balance. The same concept can be applied to your hands and fingertips- a tip woefully skipped over by many.

Can’t control your weight in your hands? You need to practice more difficult planks, more difficult wrist prep!

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 04SEP2016

15sec handstand, 15sec rest for 10min then


AMRAP calories on the rower in 25min.

One athlete sits on the rower, earning as many calories as possible while their parter completes:
9 box-facing burpees, 16/12″
15 pushups
21 box jumps, 16/12″

Score is total calories. Post to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


:40/:20 work/rest
Before continuing to next movement, restart the list at #1

1. midline work
2. KBS
3. burpee over bell
4. OH squat
5. situp+press
6. weighted table top
7. single-leg hip thrust
8. ME strict pull-up or hinge row


+ Different Styles of Handstands – Legendary Strength

New Squat Cycle Next Week

by Andrew B

JULY 02 2016-6Margot W

The new squat cycle begins next week! Tuesdays and Thursdays with some sort of heavy single on the weekend! It will continue through August.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 06JUL2016

10 minutes of tabata (:20 on, :10 off) handstands, then


5 rounds for max total reps:
max unbroken bench press, BW/.7BW
max unbroken pullups

Post results to comments!

Barbell Club WOD




:45 back ext hold
3 multi-directional lunge

3x ME handstand

Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning WOD


3×10 weighted sit ups
3×10 weighted dislocates
10-to-1 reps of:
bulgarian split squats, left
bulgarian split squats, right


Insulin w/ Dr. Scott Connelly

Insulin w/ Dr. Scott Connelly Pt. 2

Insulin w/ Dr. Scott Connelly Pt. 3

Cashing Out

by Andrew B

FCFxGB2015_0004Tony L demonstrates the Jefferson Curl

In the coming weeks you’ll see a “CASH OUT” option in the classes, which are essentially your Cool Downs and Accessories. This helps us reinforce better movement patterns, cool down your intensity and muscle tone, and recover for your next workout. Expect: midline (back/hips/abs/glutes) work, arm-bars, bicep/tricep/shoulder work, scapular engagement/stabilization, lower leg development, and more.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 23JUN2016

20sec handstand/20sec rest for 12 minutes, then

EMOM for 24 minutes:
– t2b/kipping pullup/butterfly pullup/bar-muscle-up
– 7 burpee over box jump, 24/20″

Post results to comments!

HellaFit WOD


50 of each:
bent over rows

400m run BEFORE each movement.


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Monday 5/2

20sec handstand, 20sec rest for 7 minutes, then

5 rounds for max reps:
ME gymnastics kip pullups
ME bench press

Fitness = 44/30kg, Performance = 70/49kg

Post results to comments!

Test Week!

3 attempts at a max snatch

3 attempts at a max clean & jerk

Joint mobility prep + usual warm up then:


followed by

:15 sec on/:15 sec rest for 10 minutes
oblique ups, right
oblique ups, left


AMRAP in 10 minutes: double kettlebell front squats + EMOM complete 5 burpees!

Monday 4/25

15-second handstands, 15-second rests, for 10 minutes. then

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
wall ball, 20/14#
double unders (Fitness)/row for calories (Performance)

Post results to comments!

Rest When You’re Dead w4d1


2 snatch-grip deadlifts to power position + hang snatch
– 5x1x65%
– 2-4kg heavier than last week

front squat
– 1x3x75%
– drop 10kg then 3×3
– 2-4kg heavier than last week

stiff leg deadlift
– 3x8x60%
– 2-4kg heavier than last week

3 sets
10 weighted crunches
20 russian twists
10 weighted v-ups
1min weighted plank


kettlebell snatch, right: 30 sec of work/0 sec rest
kettlebell snatch, left: 30 sec of work/0 sec rest
double kettlebell HS swings: 30 sec of work/30 sec rest

repeat 3 times!

Thursday 4/21

for 10 minutes:
15 sec handstand
15 sec rest


21-15-9-3 for time:
push press

Fitness = deadlift 60% of 1RM, push press 43/29kg
Performance = deadlift 120/85kg, push press 62/45kg

Post results to comments!


100m rows while partner holds double KB rack


90 double unders (or 200 single unders)
80 shoulder taps
70 squat jacks
60-sec plank
50 KBS
40 lunges
30 push presses
20 bent over rows
10 dive bomber push-ups