Floor Press, JT

by Andrew B

PRIDE PARADE 2016-46Ann-Marie O

CrossFit WOD for Max Week Monday 12/19

establish a 3RM floor press within 12 minutes, then


21-15-9 reps for time:
handstand pushups
ring dips

Post max and time to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

ACCESSORIES: strict HSPU, weighted back extensions

Kettlebell S&C WOD



+ Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability – Fix

Joint Prep

by Andrew B

JULY pt 3-11

Joint preparation becomes more and more important the older we get. It’s also just as important for those who have been inactive. Muscle and nerve is very easy to manipulate: for those newer to CrossFit the first couple of months are fantastic because PRs come every other day. Strength numbers are easy to develop because we teach better coordination, movement patterns, and control and see some results with consistency.

For the intermediate and advanced athletes we need to focus on making sure they gains are made in the smaller details, specifically joint and connective tissue strength and integrity. If we ensure you have better resiliency in joints, ligaments, and tendons then we avoid injury now and later. Things like the DROM (dynamic range of motion- a set of movements that we use that’s barely changed since being introduced back in the mid-2000’s), weighted dislocates, the Crossover symmetry, the Jefferson curl, 27 squats, the GB squat series, banded hips and shoulders (from Barbell Club), our banded scap flow, wrist prep, leverage bar, etc are just some examples at how we train that joint integrity.

The prep isn’t usually difficult and many fail simply by not seeing value in it until it’s too late. Start now! Don’t stop!

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 17AUG2016

still rings, then


AMRAP in 17 minutes:
50 burpee-over-bar
40 pullups
30 dips
20 hang power clean, 43/29kg
10 thrusters, 43/29kg
AMRAP c2b pullups


AMRAP in 17 minutes:
50 bar-facing burpee
40 c2b pullups
30 hspu
20 hang power clean, 61/43kg
10 thrusters, 61/43kg
AMRAP muscle-ups

Post total reps completed to whiteboard!

Barbell Club WOD

+ snatch
+ thruster
+ stiff-legged deadlift
+ accessories: dumbbell box jumps, seated box jumps

Kettlebell S&C WOD

-single skips or double unders
-overhead squat
-double unders

then 200m heavy carries


+ Joint Prep Playlist – YouTube