Adequate Ankle Angles

by Andrew B

Monica T

Adequate ankle mobility is required to keep the torso vertical during front squats and cleans. Weightlifting shoes help, but our goal is to never be satisfied and always improve all aspects of your fitness.

CrossFit WOD for Max Week Tuesday 11/29

** The end of this Max Week culminates in VERSUS 9, our intergym throw down! Come and play for fun. Register by 8pm today here. **

establish a front squat 1RM within 12 minutes, then use 75% for 1xME front squats


AMRAP in 17 minutes:
70 burpees
60 ab-mat situps
50 kettlebell swings, 20/12kg
40 pullups
30 hand-release push-ups


AMRAP in 17 minutes:
70 burpees
60 mb ab-mat situps, 10/8#
50 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
40 chest-to-bar pullups
30 handstand push-ups

Compare/contrast to 26OCT2016 and 14SEP2016.

HellaFit WOD


:40/:20 work/rest
Before continuing to next movement, restart the list at #1

1. midline work
2. KBS
3. burpee over bell
4. goblet squat
5. situp+press
6. weighted table top
7. pushup

then: 800m run

Endurance Club at 6:30pm


Lactate Threshold

Set 1: 800m at easy pace, 1min rest, 400m at moderate pace. Rest: 3min
Set 2: 800m at easy pace, 1min rest, 400m at moderate pace. Rest: 3min
Set 3: 4x200m at fast pace w/ 100m easy jog after each rep. Rest: None
Set 4: 4x100m at fast pace w/ 200m easy jog after each rep. Rest: 3min
Set 5: 800m at easy pace, 1min rest, 400m at moderate pace.

Total: 6000m

SU track note: For sets 1,2 and 5, start 800m from the 800m line. At the finish, use your 1-minute rest to move up to 400m line for the next effort.

For set 3, start from the 400m line, run fast to the 200m line, jog the width of the field and back, then do your second 200m run. At the finish, jog back north to the end of the fence on the field, then jog back to the 400m line. Repeat for the another round.

For set 4, Run from 400 to 300, jog from 300 to 100, run 100 to finish. After that round, jog finish to 200, run 200 to 100, jog 100 to 300, run 300 to 200, jog to finish.


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Welcome to Volume Week

by Andrew B

This week we use a bunch of the skills we worked on last week and now we take them to the next level: practice, practice, practice!

PRIDE PARADE 2016-2Julia A says “Squatting does a body good!”

Be mindful with your recovery, nutrition, and mobility!

CrossFit WOD for Monday 10OCT2016

front squat 3x10x65, then

3 rounds for time:
30 burpees
20 pullups
10 hang cleans

Fitness: 61/43kg, Performance: 85/60kg + c2b. Post time to whiteboard!

Strict Pullup Strength Pyramids: 3(1,2,1)

Today we begin a long twelve-week journey in developing your strict pullup strength in a daily easy-to-accomplish method. We’ll post them here so you can follow at home or work.

You would read the above as three sets of 1 pullup, (rest), 2 pullups, (rest), 1 pullup.

This allows us to keep quality high with plenty of rest in between. This week novice athletes should use a jumping 3-count negative, intermediates should use a 2222 tempo (2-count up, 2-count pause, 2-count down, 2-count pause), and advanced athletes should use strict chest-to-bars or strict muscle-ups.

Barbell Club WOD

ACCESSORIES: back extension holds, weighted planks

Kettlebell S&C WOD

S&S with Patrick at 5:30pm, followed by a bunch of strength work!


+ Front Rack Position – MobilityWOD

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

by Andrew B


Or is it “sky’s out, thighs out”?

Yes, we’re open tomorrow! Barbell Club: we WILL have class at 10am. Make sure you RSVP for classes!

CrossFit WOD for Sunday 03JUL2016

AMRAP in 17 minutes:
20 muscle-ups
30 push press
40 toes-to-bar
50 pushups
60 kettlebell swings
70 goblet squats

Fitness = jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, 43/29kg barbell, 20/12kg kettlebell
Performance = bar/ring muscle-ups, 52/38kg, 24/16kg kettlebell

Post score total reps completed to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


10 min AMRAP:
– 10 burpees
– 10 ring rows/pullups
– 10 step-ups each leg

8 min AMRAP:
– 6 weighted lunges
– 2 strict presses

12 min EMOM:
– 40-sec max effort KBS


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This year PRIDE is as important as ever with the recent events in Orlando. We honor those who fell victim in this senseless attack with a workout that celebrates unity:

Happy PRIDE weekend!

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 25JUN2016


in teams of 4, for time
49 box jumps, 24/20″ / 49 push press, 43/29kg
49 wall ball, 20/14# / 49 pullups
49 power cleans, 43/29kg / 49 med ball situps, 20/14#
49 thrusters, 43/29kg / 49 toes-to-bar
49 cal row / 49 kb swings, 24/16kg
49 synchronized burpees (all four teammates)

*49 min time cap

**Form two pairs in each team of four. Both pairs must complete 49 reps of each couplet before moving on to the next couplet. (AB complete 49 box jumps, CD complete 49 push press, AB does 49 push press, CD does 49 box jumps, when all reps are complete move onto next couplet, etc)

***Every member of team must complete 49 burpees together at the end

Level 2 WOD

– 5x2x80

– 1x1x80
– drop 15kg then 1×5

– 1x3x80
– drop 20kg then 3×5

3 rounds:
10 pushup + row
10 wide-grip pullups


KC GG OQ 16.3

12 minutes AMRAP:
12 chest-to-bar pullups
8 deadlifts, 111/75kg
12 handstand pushups
8 deadlifts, 111/75kg



5 rounds:
500m at moderate pace,
200m at 2k PR pace
200m at easy pace

Total: 4500m

Workout Pacing: The moderate pace must be faster than your 2k PR pace plus 12sec/500m. The fast pace must be faster than your 2k PR pace or faster. The easy pace is athletes choice.

Workout Focus: This is a continuous 4500m rowing workout. Make every effort to stay seated. Your intensity focus must target the 200m fast intervals. Your average pace/500m in these intervals must be faster than your 2k PR pace.


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and for those who were in the conversation about LAST REPS yesterday:

Super Pigeon

A riff off of the classic pigeon pose from yoga, K-Starr popularized the concept of “informed freestyling”, searching the corners of your short, tense bits, adding varying movements and positioning to improve your mobility.

Great for those especially suffering from lunge butt!