Death By Hang Snatch

by Andrew B

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Every version of the olympic lifts has a purpose. The hang snatch focuses on the second half of the movement, asking questions like Do you generate enough power with your hips? Are you actively pulling yourself under the bar? Are you quick enough to stabilize in the catch? Is your mobility allowing you the range required to get there comfortably?

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 12/13

Death By Hang Snatches

With a running clock do 1 hang snatch on 1:00, 2 hang snatches on 2:00, 3 hang snatches on 3:00, etc. until you can no longer do the required amount of work for that minute. If you are caught then continue with 30sec burpees over bar, 30sec rest EMOM until all athletes complete the hang snatch portion.

Post highest completed round to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


10 reps each:
– front squat
– weighted step-up
– pushup

8 reps each:
– pullup
– push press
– box jump

6 reps each:
– shuttle sprint burpee
– slam ball
– broad jump


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Why I Enjoyed Today’s Rowing Workout

Not many people can actually say that they enjoy rowing. I cannot blame them, but the workout you had us do today (1000m/500m/250m, rest 3 min, then 800m/400m/200m, rest 3 min….) was one of my favorites, and for a strange reason: To me it simulated a soccer game.

In a soccer game you really have to pace yourself so you will last for a full 90-minute game. Essentially a game is an accumulation of really hard intervals: run to get the ball from midfield, run back to your position after completion, chase the ball to other side of the field, etc. This workout is the game in a nutshell. Go hard, rest for 40 seconds, go hard, rest 40 seconds, go hard- it simulated a game perfectly. Around the third round of rowing (600m/300m/150m), I began to tell myself “this is why you are going to get better, be faster”.

I have gone through five knee surgeries, but my ultimate goal is to be in better shape than 90% of the people on the field, and CrossFit workouts like this really tip the scales in my favor. This endurance work will give me that competitive advantage. I’m sure it’s the same with anyone else who plays any recreational sport.

So unlike those who are moaning about it, I would like to thank you- thank you for pushing us to our boundaries. That push motivates us all to be better, and keeps me going out onto the soccer field.

FGB at UrbanCF 09  - Nate Rowing


Nathan A
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