The SHANKLE Complex

by Andrew B

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 11/26

Perform the SHANKLE COMPLEX every 3 minutes for 21 minutes

1 clean deadlift
3 hang clean pulls
1 hang clean
2 jerks


Kinda-The Bellevue-Interbay-Toys-For-Tots-Throwdown Event 1

in 12 minutes:
max step ups, 20″
max calorie row
max double unders

For the entire 12 minutes you will have one member on your team working on the step-ups, one on the rower and one doing double unders while one rests. Your team chooses when to switch between exercises and rest for the entire 10 minutes. So you can choose to have one person rest the whole time and the others sit on their exercise without changing or swap it out however you want for as long as you want.

This WOD will count as two team scores. Max step ups + max calories = Team Score 1. Max Double Unders = Team Score 2. (single unders are .5 points each)

Post heaviest complex load and team score to whiteboard!


+ About Donny Shankle –

Volume Tuesday 2/3


Shankle Complex

1 clean deadlift
3 hang clean pulls
1 hang (squat) clean
2 split jerks

8-12 rounds to build to heaviest successful load.


complete the following as quickly as possible:
– 6 minutes wall squat
– 5 minutes at top of deadlift
– 4 minutes in L-hang
– 3 minutes with overhead bumper, 20/15kg
– 2 minutes handstands