Ankle Mobility!

by Andrew B

FCFxGB2015_0036Kira Nguyen

Notice the angle of Kira’s ankle?! Where do you stack up? Would having the flexibility pictured above allow you better squats? Better wall ball? Front squats? Cleans?

Would you have as many foot, knee, and hip issues if you also had adequate strength/stamina/endurance through that range? Check out the links at the bottom for more.

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 13SEP2016

back squat 5x5x75 or 2 to 5kg heavier than last week, then

(Fitness / Performance)

tabata (20sec work/10sec rest, for 8 rounds) intervals of:
– air squats / bottom-to-bottom squats
– pushups / triangle pushups
– hanging leg raise / L-sit hanging leg raise
– burpees / wide-grip pushups
– bent over rows 20/15kg / 50/35kg

Rest 60 seconds between exercises. Post all 5 scores to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


50 of each for time:

– slam ball
– single-arm plank
– pullup/row variation
– walking lunge
– situp
– burpee

Endurance Club WOD – Meet at SU Track at 6:30pm!

3 sets: (400m, 200m) with 2min rest between reps & a full recovery (5 min) between sets.

TOTAL: 1800m

Workout Details: Run 400m very fast, rest 2min, sprint 200m, rest 5min, repeat for a total of 3 sets.

Workout Pacing: Target a 400m pace that is slightly slower than your 800m GOAL pace. Target a 200m pace that is slightly faster than your 800m GOAL pace. If you are unsure of your 800m goal time, select a pace that is between your mile PR time and your 400m PR time.

SU Track Details: Start at 600 mark, run fast from 600m to 200m, rest at there, then sprint from 200m to finish. Use the 5 minute rest interval to walk back to the 600m mark.


+ Self Assessments Worth Correcting- Part 2, Ankle Mobility – Juggernaut Training Systems
+ Ankle Mobility Exercises to Improve Dorsiflexion – Mike Reinhold
+ Fix Your Feet – Mobility, Strength, and Flexibility Exercises for Foot and Ankle Health – GMB Fitness

New Squat Cycle Next Week

by Andrew B

JULY 02 2016-6Margot W

The new squat cycle begins next week! Tuesdays and Thursdays with some sort of heavy single on the weekend! It will continue through August.

CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 06JUL2016

10 minutes of tabata (:20 on, :10 off) handstands, then


5 rounds for max total reps:
max unbroken bench press, BW/.7BW
max unbroken pullups

Post results to comments!

Barbell Club WOD




:45 back ext hold
3 multi-directional lunge

3x ME handstand

Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning WOD


3×10 weighted sit ups
3×10 weighted dislocates
10-to-1 reps of:
bulgarian split squats, left
bulgarian split squats, right


Insulin w/ Dr. Scott Connelly

Insulin w/ Dr. Scott Connelly Pt. 2

Insulin w/ Dr. Scott Connelly Pt. 3

Monday 4/11

tabata hspu
tabata L-hang
tabata hang power cleans
tabata front rack
tabata v-up
tabata L-hang

Post results to comments!

Rest When You’re Dead w2d1


2 snatch-grip deadlifts to power position + hang snatch
– 5x1x65%
– 2-4kg heavier than last week

front squat
– 1x3x75%
– drop 10kg then 3×3
– 2-4kg heavier than last week

stiff leg deadlift
– 3x8x60%
– 2-4kg heavier than last week

3 sets
10 weighted crunches
20 russian twists
10 weighted v-ups
1min weighted plank



for 3 rounds, 30 seconds work /15 seconds rest:
double kb clean
overhead squat, left
overhead squat, right

snow angels, 20 reps
middle splits stretch

Saturday 4/3


3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
12 pullups

Performance = 5 rounds.

Post time to comments!

Join us at our new time of 8am!

EMOM for 5 minutes: 2 t2b + pullup + c2b + bar mu


5 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kettlebell swings, 24/16kg
12 pullups

tabata front squats, 43/29kg

Dynamax Wheels

abs o’ steel

Join us for our new Saturday Barbell Skills at 10am!

Today we discuss the CLEAN! Best practices, mobility requirements, technique development, etc.

Saturday 2/27

At 8am we’ll cover all things overhead: press, push press, jerk

Also: we’ll discuss and practice better overhead strength development. For you know, workouts like 16.1

floor press 8×8

tabata air squats
tabata pushups
tabata goblet squats, 20/16kg
tabata burpee
tabata kettlebell swings, 20/16kg

Post results to comments!

Come in at 11am to start warming up/body prep.

Fun begins at 12pm

Thursday 1/28

still ring development, then

tabata step-ups, 24/20″
tabata lunge
tabata slam ball, 20/10#
tabata alternating kettlbell presses, 2×16/8kg
tabata step-ups, 24/10#

2-minute rest between each exercise.

Post all five scores to comments!


1 min each movement
3 rounds each:

shuttle sprint
inchworm pushup
side lunge

goblet squat
single-leg deadlift, right
single-leg deadlift, left

OH lunge
Russian twist


Step 1: find a track or measure out 100m using MapMyRun or another fancy app.

Step 2: take at least 20 minutes to warmup using movement pattnerns, dynamic range of motion, and simple bodyweight movements to really prepare the body. finish it off with “easy running for 3-5 minutes”

Step 3: 10 x 100m runs, as hard as possible. be mindful of how pliable you are because pulling hamstring or a calf would be silly.

Step 4: stretch your hamstrings, quads, hips, calves, and arches!

Step 5: eat, shower, sleep!

To be done in the comfort of your own home, or come to the gym and utilize our equipment

– 2 minutes/side continually moving

2 minutes/side minimum

Monday 12/28

3 sets of max pullups, then

tabata air squats
tabata pushups
tabata goblet squats, 20/16kg
tabata kettlebell push press, 20/16kg
tabata front squat, 52/34kg

Rest 1 minute between each exercise. Compare to 23NOV2015.

Post results to comments!

– must have made 4/5 last week to increase weight this week
– 5×1 at 85% of 1RM
– 2:00 rest

– 5×2 (week 1 was 80%)
– 2:00 rest

– 3×6
– week 1 was at 60%
– 1:30 rest

2-3 rounds:
10 pushup + row, AHAP
10 hanging leg raise, keep knees locked
10 Yates row, AHAP
:90 rest

A) S&S Day 7

B) Double KB Ladder; always start with 5 swings, go up 1 rep every round – 15 minutes.

5 swings
1 clean
1 goblet squat
1 clean
1 push press

5 swings
2 cleans
2 goblet squats
2 cleans
2 push presses

C) Tabata cool down