Three Parter

by Andrew B

barbellclub-oct2016am-3Waqas A

When receiving a power jerk (aka push jerk) you should land with your feet wider than you initiated, making sure your body is completely upright upon landing. You can see the back aspect of Waqas’ wrists, elbows, shoulders, butt, and heels line up.

Same position with different arms would complete a clean. Issues arise when mobility is compromised.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 12/15

thruster 6x4x60 (of 1RM front squat)

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
10 front lunges
20 toes taps

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
5 shoulder-to-overhead
5 burpee-over-bar

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
5 thrusters
10 burpees

Rest 3 minutes between each AMRAP. Scaled = 20/15kg, Fitness = 44/29kg, Performance = 70/50kg.

Post all three AMRAP scores to whiteboard.

HellaFit WOD


:40/:20 work/rest
3x each set
1 min rest between sets

– squat
– pushup
– shoulder fly

– split squat, L
– split squat, R
– pullup/ring or hinge row

– ramp sprints
– shuttle runs
– jumping lunges


+ Why You Need to Stop Eating Egg Whites – TIME

CGO 16.4

Rx 16.4

AMRAP in 13 minutes:
55 deadlifts, 102/70kg
55 wall ball, 20/14# to 10/9′
55 row (calories)
55 handstand pushups

Scaled 16.4

AMRAP in 13 minutes:
55 deadlifts, 61/43kg
55 wall ball, 20/10# to 9′
55 row (calories)
55 hand-release pushups

Scoresheet PDF

Reverse Planks

By Andrea V

A little bored with our traditional plank work? Challenge yourself with different variations… one being a reverse plank.

Sitting on your butt with your hands behind you, extend your legs and raise your hips as high as you can. You should be squeezing your glutes as hard as you can while retracting and depressing your shoulders. With your glutes squeezed, actively push your hips the entire time you are holding the plank.

Your hands can be positioned with your fingers pointed either forward or backward. Try to avoid having them pointed ambiguously. If you feel a stretch in the front of your shoulders, that’s a bonus for you 😉

Remember your core is made up of more than just your abs! You will feel this in places like your glutes, lower back, lower traps, and obliques.

Happy planking!

SKILLS: the Rope Climb

Chris Spealler and Matt Chan demonstrate the most common rope climb techniques:


Kim and Adrian Bozman discuss the Spanish Wrap and slight differences:

Then they demo the Russian Wrap:

Lauren Galassi demonstrates some awesome practical progressions for the Spanish Wrap: